I can have moral qualms.

But can I have just one? One qualm?

If I can be overwhemled and underwhelmed, can I just be – ya know – whelmed?

How often does someone have just one caveat – how often do they have caveats?






4 responses to “Qualm”

  1. Verna Avatar

    Great format, Andy! And I love the photo at the top. When are you going to offer a class on how to set up a site like this? I want one!

  2. Verna Avatar

    I am not often overwhelmed, but I AM often whelmed, no qualm about it.

    And here’s a quick way to remember the it’s/its thing (from your other blog): just remember that it’s with an apostrophe always means it is, and by process of elimination, you’ll know if you need to use its without an apostrophe. For anyone else reading this, there is no its’ with the apostrophe after the s. Really.

    I’m about to post to my Wilder Writing blog about the its/it’s thing, so thanks for the reminder.


  3. Andy Avatar

    You’re under the assumption that logic will help me through the it’s/its dilemma. I’m completely irrational on this one. 🙂

  4. Maryam Webster Avatar

    OMG I LOVE the new skin! “One Man and His Cat Against The World” Andy and Astro – what a power team. And I love that Astro is prominently featured whereas the Andymonster is presented with that 7/10ths of the iceberg submerged….(cue the theme from “Jaws”)…just waiting to rip into the soft underbelly of life… (massive grin)…

    The skin R0X0R, dude. You go!

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