Putin Calls for Elimination of Elections for Key Posts

When the terrorist attack in Russia happened last week, I kept wondering if Putin would use this as an opportunity to clamp down Ashcroft-style. This was a quick turn around:

putin_itar-tass-ap_the_seattle_times.jpgPortraying it as a means of combating terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday outlined a plan to eliminate popular elections of governors and individual members of Parliament, a move one Russian analyst said would “destroy the last vestiges of Yeltsin-era democracy.” Putin did not explain why such a change would combat terrorism, except to say that authorities needed to suppress terrorism and “national parties must serve as one of the mechanisms for this.”

So he basically said: Terrorism is bad. Let’s suspend elections.






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  1. Bingo Avatar

    I mean even in the US after terrorism we are willing to give up some of our freedoms for more safety… not sure if this is good or bad but I do know that it is less of a problem in the US than it would be in Russia since democratic institutions have had time to take root here but the same isn’t really true over there.
    Russia is defiantly moving towards authoritarianism

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