Pro-War or Pro-Enlistment?

Kos gets to the point:

Where is Rush Limbaugh’s plea to his listeners to enlist? How about Sean Hannity? Bill O’Reilly? Nevermind they passed on serving their nation when they had a chance. Why aren’t they using their influence to encourage military service?






3 responses to “Pro-War or Pro-Enlistment?”

  1. Nathan Avatar

    A good point. I’d also point out that these same men would probably oppose the enlistment of very qualified young men and women just because they’re gay; nevermind that the military is overstretched, the queers must be kept out at all costs, even at the expense of American and Iraqi lives.

    Why? Because they’re idiots.

    By the way, I would go on a moral man date with you anytime. 🙂

  2. ModFab Avatar

    It’s one of the infuriating paradoxes of the right wing: support the military and boost its roster at all costs…but not with our own children, or with gays.

    Similar to the cut-taxes, increase-spending illogic. Excuse me, I have to go bang my head against the wall now.

  3. Kat Avatar

    When its not THIER kids, and its not THEIR money they are talking about then everything is just spiffy… but when it comes down to thier sprogs and thier $$$ then OF COURSE there is a problem then… But when the working poor who pay crap loads into the government in taxes and see so little in returns ( like me) and its the poor kids who go into the service trying to do SOMETHING better its ok to put the screw to us… its ok to kill off our brothers and sisters and nieces and nephiews and parents etc…

    Ok… enough of the rant for now… I could go on all night…

    Bloody frigging republicans…

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