Pretty Girl Syndrome

From a thread on Reddit:

“Pretty women are socialized differently from everyone else. They get people coming up to them and approaching them all the time. Because of this, they don’t experience as much pressure to push outside their comfort zone and learn to approach others.

But who are these people approaching the pretty girls?

Well, they are predominantly men – men who are drawn in by her beauty. So, these girls are picking their friends mostly from among the men that come up to her, and the result is that their circle of friends will be made up almost exclusively of men. Not only that, but the men she makes friends with are likely to be a lot more forgiving than the women.

Most friends expect you to call them just as much as they call you, or invite them out as often as they invite you. Most people will dump a friend who never initiates contact and always just waits for you to come to them first. The female friends of these girls with “pretty girl syndrome” are more likely to stop coming around if she isn’t carrying her weight in the friendship, but the men who are enamored with her beauty will likely keep calling and keep inviting her out no matter how rarely she returns the favor.

The thing is though, all of this is normal to a pretty girl. She’s never experienced anything different. She doesn’t realize that she’s receiving such vastly different treatment compared to men or less attractive women. All she knows is that somehow guys are easier to meet and easier to keep as friends, than girls are.

So, these are girls who are likely to say “Oh I get along with men so much better than women! Guys are just easier, you know? They’re more straightforward, they don’t play stupid games, they just say what they mean, but women gossip so much and play games and are too complicated! I have so much more in common with guys than I do with girls!” And they think that they are saying something positive about themselves for getting along better with guys – that they are more down to earth or something – when the reality is that they get along better with men simply because the men are treating them differently due to their beautiful looks.”

A rant from Reddit, Female misogynists, or Special Snowflake Syndrome

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