Press Aims at Hip-Hop, Misses Shock Radio?

Watching AC360 podcast – now they are all focusing the Imus fallout on rap and hip-hop… it seems to me this is really missing the real issue – of conservative talk show hosts known to say outrageously racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic things. Anyone else see an obvious disconnect?


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  1. Indiana Dan Avatar
    Indiana Dan

    We are in the biggest money crunch since the depression and the media want to focus on things away from or real issues.THE WAR>DRUGS>GAS INFLATION>NO CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT>we are in a record cold spell and they want us to believe in global warming?Our young people are modeling after the rappers and thugs…….does n’t look good –time to light a candle and feed the animals .We need to start milking by 5:00………… a fine time in Indiana

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