President Pence in 2018

“Seriously, Trump will be impeached within 2 years. His is the kind of presidency that can only happen as a “Change” candidate, which means he is useless to the right in 4 or even 2 years, as it becomes clear to his “movement” how full of shit his populist rhetoric was.

“Now that he has swept in the far right conservatives and handed them everything they’ve ever wanted, they will turn on him as soon after the inauguration and confirmation hearings as possible, digging up (or manufacturing) some kind of massive legal or ethics violation excuse (I’m guessing they already have all the evidence they’d really need stashed away somewhere, because come on: “I’m hearing” such evidence exists).

“And then they will be able to push him out and replace him with their own guy, all while grandstanding about how responsible they’re all being for holding “their” president accountable (it’s how they’ll be able to distance themselves from the fact that they were the ones who put him there in the first place). Make no mistake about it – this is a Pence presidency we’re talking about here. They all hate him, and they are not just holding their noses for power and profit. They are also counting the hours to sweet revenge. Once they have consolidated their power, the far right will gut Donald Trump like an oversized carp and flush the entrails directly into the public water supply (all sewage filtration and treatment plants having been shut down as emblematic of government overregulation).”

Source: “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president” | MetaFilter






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