Potential Terrorists Arrested in London

Heathrow shuts down.

No liquids or gels on flights. Correction: As carry-ons – you can stow these in checked luggage.
“Finally stages of planning this attack.”

“This was the real deal.”

First time we’ve been at the RED level terrorist alert – for air travel only. Flights from UK to USA. Only to match the UK’s raised terror alert.

Nearly all cargo on US passenger planes are not inspected. 100% in UK, Israel in Netherlands.

Coverage and discussion on Metafilter.

If you are a terrorist – this is the time you bomb the airports – where all the people waiting rather than the passengers already on planes.

I think it is irresponsible to talk about Al Qaeda until we know – this just reinforces the belief that there is only one terrorist group that wants to do harm.

Meanwhile: 30% of Americans can’t tell you the year of 9/11.






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    Can’t tell you or don’t care?

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