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I’m really starting to miss Ron. He’s been in Milwaukee for several weeks now. I did visit last week. But I miss seeing him and seeing his big shiny smile. Plus, he’s very toasty warm in the winter. It seems most couples have a cold-sleeper and a hot-sleeper. I’m always cold when I sleep and can’t stand having cold air on any skin while I sleep – I’ll wear sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt just to combat that. He has to splay out because he’s like a brick oven when he sleeps. He radiates heat. If I have the A/C on in the summer and the air hits him before it comes to me, it is barely cooled A/C’ed air.

The radiators are gurgling on. I have my reading list on top of the one in the bedroom so I probably need to take those down so the books don’t get too dried out.

I did ab exercses really hard yesterday morning after lifting and each time I sneeze it feels like I’ve punched.

Toyed with the Blackberry some. I’m guessing I”ll now be obsessed with developing website templates for it. I’ve already put Gmail on it. Need to figure out how to get Skype IM on there to. It is a pleasant device – though a bit too thick. And I refuse to wear it on my belt.

Need to finish my presentation for Vegas next week today. I’ve got things down to about 8 slides. I’m experimenting with a white type on black background theme. I think it makes a presentation much less garish because everyody isn’t squinting at a screen of mostly white light. I do need to sketch out my notes that I work from. I’m a bit nervous presenting since this is like *the* big blogging conference. Granted, I’m presenting the blogging 101 course so it will be mostly newbies but I hope that if any of the biggies come in to watch me present, that they don’t heckle me. At a previous conference an old-dog dickhead blogger heckled another presenter. This guy is known for being a rude choadface.

I worked harder yesterday offsite at home than I have yet onsite at work. I got a ton of things done. Spent most of the day on a 6 page document that requires input from half-a-dozen people.

In a cleaning-rage induced haze, I’d ordered clothes dresser from It is still stalled being delivered. A large part of my closet previously occupied by gym clothes is no assigned to a constant influx of dress clothing.

As I pick up all these new devices – the work laptop, the Blackberry, text messaging much more frequently on my Razr cellphone – I notice how my hands are learning the interfaces. Or when I was playing Bach for Ron’s mom. Songs I probably hadn’t played in five or six years and my hands were able to fall in the correct place on the piano keys. The Razr phone has a conventional telephone-type assignment of numbers and letters, the Blackberry has a QWERTY keyboard with all non-alpha characters as ALT-based keystrokes. My work laptop (a Dell) has a larger keyboard. This Vaio has a smaller more compact keyboard.

I am noticing my work styles now that I’m back at a more conventional job. I like the puzzle-solving as I’ve said before. Listening to the techie-types spew the detail and then figuring out how to arrange that so non-technical people can understand it. It is fun. Minutiae-chasing is tiring.






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  1. Steven Vance Avatar

    Have you been able to test your white on black presentation on a projector yet?

    I’m apprehensive about this style because I think we all know how horrendous white on black websites are. I know a projector will be different that our own monitors because of its extreme brightness (and not every projector is properly calibrated to show a white white) but it’s a risky situation, lol.

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