Pinion Doan Mean Nuffin (American Idol)

Anybody see the idiot girl that countered Simon’s criticism with:

Pinion Done Mean Nuffin

At first I had no idea what she was saying. Then I realized she was saying:

[Your] Opinion Doesn’t Mean Anything

I swear if my daughter talks to me like that – I’m gonna smack her into next week.

Of course that’s only if Ron doesn’t get to her first.






One response to “Pinion Doan Mean Nuffin (American Idol)”

  1. David Avatar

    Wha’ pray tell woul’ you do Mis’er Higgins if she wan’d to axe you a question?

    OK, that turned out kind of lame… But I totally understand where you are coming from on that issue. I work on the phones all day providing assistance to fellow employees and travel agents, and one of my pet peeves is proper enunciation. There are days when I’m happy to deal with the people in India that Expedia uses to handle their calls. Sometimes they talk a little too fast, but at least they pronounce the words correctly.

    Now if they fully understood the questions they were asking me, and the answer I am giving them.

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