Pharmaceutical Industry Contracts Would Bar Physicians from Criticizing Medications

(via Lying Media Bastards) 

if the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy bought huge amounts of anti-depressant Cymbalta from the Eli Lily company, they would receive a 5% discount, so long as their physicians agreed not to:

  • point out when doctors were prescribing Cymbalta inappropriately
  • point out that their institution seemed to be overprescribing Cymbalta
  • describe side effects caused by Cymbalta without also mentioning the benefits of Cymbalta
  • point out that other drugs might be cheaper than Cymbalta
  • poke holes in Eli Lily’s claims about Cymbalta






2 responses to “Pharmaceutical Industry Contracts Would Bar Physicians from Criticizing Medications”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Yeah the pharmaceutical companies will do anything to protect their business, they play pretty dirty too!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    This makes me feel as sick as I did when the pharmaceutical companies started advertising on tv. You can bet despite my extreme nausea that I did NOT “ask my doctor” for any prescription medications to eliminate my discomfort.

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