Personals Ads from the Deep

Checked my Yahoo! email which I hadn’t checked in a long long time and saw email from Salon Personals which morphed from Nerve Personals back from my dating days. I’m deleting my account but was curious to see what was my personals ad like back then:

Hunky brainiac seeking…

I have great hands (14 years of piano training). You’ll want to kiss my shoulders. Oh and I rock. Affectionate, sexy, sensual, verbose… ummm…

Looking fer happy go lucky types out there wanting to have a drink, a movie, a dinner or a tumble. Looking for slim to athletic builds with brains – intellect is my main attractor. Free my mind and my belt will follow.

Cracks me up. Good God – could I be any more carnivorous?






6 responses to “Personals Ads from the Deep”

  1. Spencer Avatar

    oooh… i love the ad. omnivore seeks carnivore or same. 😉

  2. Moby Avatar

    I thought it was sweet. I would have applied for an opening!

  3. JB Avatar

    “Oh and I rock.”

    I love the casualness of that.

  4. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar


    you were so shy then!


  5. bev Avatar

    i will rock your world with your sexy self

  6. zed Avatar


    I would have answered that ad.

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