Perez Hilton Featured in Chicago Tribune

Perez Hilton was featured in Chicago’s Red Eye again yesterday for his penchant for outing closeted movie stars. He sees nobility in his efforts to force celebrities to publicly announce their homosexuality. It seems vindictive to me. And in the case of someone like Anderson Cooper who is a journalist first, I think forcing him ‘out’ could endanger him when he is reporting from overseas in a country that would rather execute a homosexual. Being a celebrity or artist implies a certain amount of artifice so a closeted celebrity really isn’t that big of a deal – compared to a politican where artifice, facade and hypocrisy can become entertwined. There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual. At the same time I don’t think there’s anything wrong with privacy (and wacky as it seems, some people still believe in that outmoded notion of modesty). Perez feels having a public persona exchanges your right to privacy.

"Even though what I’m doing can be harsh at times or biting or cynical . . . in my own subservient way I am trying to make the world a better place," he said. "I will push the envelope. I’m not afraid to offend or be dangerous, whatever. Because I can. It’s my Web site. I can do whatever I want."

Perez says that he thinks his work led to the magnitude of Lance Bass’s outing (Ron still thinks Reichen is out of his league). Or is he just building his own career on the backs of closeted B-list celebrities? I was perusing People magazine while I waited for Maria at the barber shop (#1 on the sides, short on top) and I was surprised how many bloggers are now among their correspondents – I guess it makes sense since bloggers are much more obsessed with trends and celebrities than ‘traditional’ writers.

I do like how Perez knows that this notability could dissipate at any time and is running the marathon as fast as possible to secure as many deals as possible while he is a hot item. And I’m sure that he’s got a good finance guy on staff – we all know what happened to Hammer.

I still wonder when Sean Hayes and Clay Aiken come out of the closet what they expect will happen. Talk about a yawner. Aiken on Larry King was a complete nausea-fest.

Dad and I watched Dr. Phil together whilst home for the holidays. I was surprised how far the show has sunk and further surprised that Harpo (I think they still produce the show) is letting that happen. I think Dr. Phil let the steam out too fast. His line of nutritional supplements was a really bad idea – too much too soon.






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  1. Joe Avatar

    You know Andy…I don’t think Sean Hayes was ever in the closet. I think he’s been out for quite a while now.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Okay – I just remember the Advocate article ‘The Interview He’ll Never Give’. Planetout says (maybe out of date): “When it comes to his sexuality, Hayes doesn’t really want the public to know. “I don’t wanna say I’m straight or I’m gay,” he told Hollywood Online in 1998, “I want to keep everything open so as no one can form any opinions about me, because this world that we live in isn’t all that forgiving.”

    Also this April 06 article from GayWired:

  3. David Avatar

    I think that celebrities have a right to expect a certain amount of privacy. There really isn’t any need to out the celebrities.

    When it comes to politicians, I have mixed feelings about outing them. How do you balance their right to privacy and still expose the hypocrisy of their views on different issues.

    The whole concept of outing is a slippery slope that could potentially end up making the wrong person angry and Perez one day.

  4. David Avatar

    Perez Hilton is an icky, gross, leech with no aspirations to make anything a better place then his own wallet and for him to claim anything else is ludicrous.

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