Pentagon Revises Nuclear Plans to Include Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike

Yeah. Pre-emptive nuclear strikes sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea:

The draft, dated March 15, would provide authoritative guidance for commanders to request presidential approval for using nuclear weapons, and represents the Pentagon’s first attempt to revise procedures to reflect the Bush preemption doctrine.






5 responses to “Pentagon Revises Nuclear Plans to Include Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike”

  1. Adam B. Avatar
    Adam B.

    A complete 180.

    We invaded Iraq on the grounds that they had WMDs and were going to pre-emptively use them. How disgusting that, in our case, it’s acceptable for us to do so.

  2. Andy Avatar

    The best part is if you nuke the site from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure) then there’s no reason to investigate if there even were WMDs – they would have vaporized.

  3. Danelle Avatar

    Nice. Does this fall under the catagory of DOUBLE STANDARD? Or would this fall under the HYPOCRITICAL catagory? Just wondering.

  4. palochi Avatar

    1. The U.S. can’t nuke from orbit. If they ever did, they’ll be in violation of the Outer Space Treaty signed with London and Moscow back in ’67. See the following:

    2. Does the Pentagon truly believe the Russians (and the Chinese) won’t feel pressured by this tactic to start another arms race? I find it unrealistic to think that the potential of the U.S. popping off nukes near Taiwan, North Korea, Syria, or northern Iran won’t prompt them to react.

    Doesn’t ANYBODY remember the Cold War?!

    Our leaders have gone insane.

  5. michael Avatar

    Because the decision to invade Iraq clearly shows the President is completely infallible and never makes any mistakes.

    This is such crap!

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