Paula Deen's Health Food Cookbook

Paula Deen's Recipe: BUFFET AND A BURGER INGREDIENTS: 1 burger- 1 Las Vegas buffet- Christmas-themed elastic pants (optional). DIRECTIONS: Go to Las Vegas buffet. Make sure the buffet has burgers- or provide your own. Do NOT walk around the buffet. Get a motorized scooter- or stay in one spot and use a jaws of life to pick some of each buffet food out of the tubs and put it on your burger. Elastic pants are nice because your gupa stays nicely inside the stretchy pants except for a few folds of fat with stretch marks that seep out of the pants.

Paula Deen's Health Food Cookbook

Recently- Paula Deen has admitted that she's had Type II Diabetes for years. Accordingly- she's putting out a cookbook of healthy food. Here are some excerpts!





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