Male Librarian Centerfold has a great post on Patronese
– the language of library patrons:

Patronese English
San Diego beaches. Hello. I’d like to know where I can obtain soil surveys
for the beaches of San Diego.
Wash my hand. Excuse me sir, would do tell me where I can find a restroom?
Books about eggs. My daughter is doing a science project.
She wants to demonstrate the process of chicken-egg fertilization and incubation.
I need some materials that would have a step-by-step guide. With pictures.

I chalk it up to people being uncomfortable asking for help. I remember as
a kid always being told that I was too damned stubborn and never wanted to ask
for help – which of course is an admission of weakness. Plus the fact that Joe
Libary Patron doesn’t always understand the vast array of sources and infoglut
that librarians have tucked away in their minds and desks.






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  1. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    ypu can get all of the help you want but you have actualize it to be of value.Weakness -good or bad or the same……….it is cold!! thank goodness..

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