Paging Heinrik Ibsen, Paging George Bernard Shaw

Jesus is it Friday already?

I stilll haven’t even had the time to watch the entire state of the Union address. I’m actually still stunned that Bush said that we were addicted to oil. That seemed to be a rare moment of clarity and truth. It’s taboo even to suggest that perhaps the Amer’can way of life is fundamentally based on xenophobia and instant, constant access to cheap oil free of environment consequences. Of course his energy secretary back-pedaled the next day.

I have been very busy indeed this week. Got the book proposal for my next book off to my agent – he sent me feedback yesterday so I’ll try and bounce that back this afternoon. I also wrote a chapter on blogging for the upcoming book Business: The Ultimate Resource. VERY exciting. I am definitely appearing in the UK version and most likely that means I’ll also appear in the version here in the States.I also have an idea for another book proposal that I want to get cooking on. That is something I didn’t realize until I started hanging out with people who have written books before – that you don’t write the book until you have the cash – you write proposals and get those circulating.

If you were Exxon you would have made 5 million dollars since you started reading this post.

Ron and Gilbert are probably downtown right now at the Japanese Consulate. They have to get visas for their visit to Hong Kong that they are doing before their trip to Bangkok.

I’m feel like I am going to need some major time off this fall. Suzanne and I just announced our course yesterday, I’m working on another project with Darren (and Yaro), plus I have to get all my courses in updated format in the Blogging Gym since I mention them in the book! I’m thinking I should vacation in Bangkok for a month. I would have access to a crazy nightlife and the spiritual side of things. So I can either go pray at a temple or go watch a ping-pong ball show. I feel like I have to physically leave the country or I won’t slow down and I won’t take a break.

I did get booked on the Blogonomics blogging cruise so that is good news. Darren and I are presenting a 3-hour version of Six Figure Blogging. Hopefully Ron will get to go with me.

My inbox is languishing, my GMail is derelict and this blog is atrophying. I know I’m busy because I am not in my bedroom that often. I am best when I get a groove of afternoon naps regularly. I need to get back into that cycle. The thing is, with the courses I do at night you find that you work all day and suddenly it’s time for the course calls and before you know it you’ve missed Daily Show @ 10 so you end up waiting through shitty unfunny Carlos Mencia or dreamboat Anderson Cooper to catch Daily Show @ 10 followed by Stephen Colbert (who is really hitting his groove, I now see more clearly what they are trying to do with the show – I think initially I didn’t get his persona).

I need to get a DVD burner today. Gilbert willed me one that he said wasn’t compatible with his computer and it seems it isn’t compatible with any of them. I’ve spent about 6 hours trying to get it to work so far. Screw that. Mad Dog DVD burner manufacturers can lick me.

I wish I handled criticism better. I always take it way too personally. I think that I have tried to make peace with the fact that things hit me in a certain way and that the emotional component will always be there – the point is to move through the intial peceived ‘slight/hurt’ and then get to action. I’ve always felt ashamed that I didn’t handle criticism better – that I’m less evolved because I take things too much to heart.

Do you worry about the economy or the unemployment in this country? I do. What happens with mass poverty and unemployment? People look to their government for support. Well really they look to domineering controlling father figures for support. And the Jews and the gays know that they better watch out. Actually it seems the scapegoat of fashion these days is all those evil Mexicans that keep coming across our porous borders. Have you seen the commecials for the Customer/Border Patrol department? I thought they were parodies at first. The one guy has a dog and the girl is wearing short shorts?

Do you think we’ll really go for it in Iran or simply sabre-rattle to when Republicans their mid-term elections?

What would you do with all the people laid off from GM and Ford? I’d find foreign investors that need this talent, push the wages down until they squeal and wring them dry. That’s the corporate spirit, right?

Christiane Amanpour is my new girlfriend. She’s in Iran speaking Farsi (she’s Iranian-born I think) and getting the real story in Iran. Love her. I still laugh and wish they played that commercial where the dipshit asks her how to pronounce Iran and Iraq. “IH-ran, IH-raq. Not ‘Aye’, never ‘Aye’.” then the idiot-girl says ‘But what about CHETCH UH NEE YUH and Amanpour looks like she’s about to put the news cycle smackdownon her.

I missed most of the Coretta Scott King coverage. I can’t imagine the look she gave Martin when he told her they were moving into a ghetto on the South Side to reach out to the poor. I wonder if they were a verbal couple and would hash things out or if she’s give him The Look and sigh and then realize it was the Right Thing to Do. That is one thing that always intrigued me with my playwriting work – experiencing heroic people in an everyday setting. Like when Bill told Hillary that it was all true and she was the biggest chump in world history. What does Laura Bush think about as she rubs her makeup off at night, humming in the mirror, staring at her self in the mirror – does she hear Bush’s alcoholic’s lips smacking and gurgling as he yearns for a drink that isn’t there – but is probaby just in the bedside table? Does Barbara Bush ever wonder would could have happened if her womb hadn’t excreted such a arrogant rotten turd as our dear President and do a crossword and wish that Jeb could’ve been the President first? Does Rumsfeld ever belch a corrosive urp of stomach acid when he has a little tinge of guilt that perhaps the deaths of thousands of people really is on his hands – does that burn in his throat make him think about white phosphorous? Does Dick Cheney ever stop in mid-walk because he feels a ventricle clinch – here comes the Big One – and muses that the price for his greed and cruelty is literally the destruction of his own heart? Does his daughter ever stop in the middle of kissing her girlfriends beautiful naked body and realize that she’ll never have to worry about being attacked by a crazed neo-nazi with gun and a hatchet because she cashed in her own values and identity to keep the money flowing – as her girlfriend’s back arches and pushes into her – does she think that maybe she’s a total fraud?

Must be time to read some Ibsen and Shaw.






3 responses to “Paging Heinrik Ibsen, Paging George Bernard Shaw”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    It is good to get the update on you. I especially enjoyed the passage about heros in everyday life. Sometimes I wonder if people don’t stop to think about the larger global implications of all the decisions that government makes because they are consumed with getting through the day to day. It makes me sad to realize that those who have the most to gain by government changing are the ones who seem to have the least time to contemplate these issues.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar

    Yu seely boy!

    Of course you take things personally… you are a freaking Feelng type. The challenge is for Them, the Ts, to move your way.

    Screw objective. Objective gives us frozen, suits who can ‘stand back’ and drop bombs, use white phosphorus, etc.

    How about we ‘feel’ what others feel?


  3. JB Avatar

    I was totally blown away with the whole Dubya-oil thing. I sat in amazement and re-read the headline on the BBC website a few dozen times to make sure I was reading it right. Incredible. I think it’ll be a looong time before anything much happens though. I mean, seriously – in the US, your cars are just freakin *huge*, totally wasteful. Last time I was in the US I was a little taken aback at the excess, although we aren’t much better.

    As for the economy, yep, it bothers me a lot. Here in the UK the house price situation is a joke and affects the *entire* country, not just some of it. The whole thing is creaking and I think this country is starting to go through a really nasty recession.

    The bit that really worries me is the news that EA are laying off staff – that means the recession could be starting to hit my line of work already…

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