PA Lt. Governor Crashes Marine's Funeral

Ugh: (via MeFi)

She sat down next to a Goodrich family member and, during the distribution of communion, said, "Who are you?" Then she handed the family member one of her business cards, which Goodrich said she still has."Knoll felt this was an appropriate time to campaign and impose her will on us," Goodrich said. "I am amazed and disgusted Knoll finds a Marine funeral a prime place to campaign."






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  1. Nathan Avatar

    I don’t know much about this woman, but isn’t it possible that she went there to express her support for the family and her condolences? I think reading political motivations into this is reading too much into it, and I wonder if a pro-war, pro-military politician had come uninvited to the funeral if he or she would have been treated in the same manner by this family.

    I would also point out that shoving this off onto Gov. Rendell would be irresponsible, since the Lt. Gov. is elected separately from the Governor. Now obviously, there is a connection between them — but Gov. Rendell didn’t go to the funeral, Lt. Gov. Knoll did.

    I would also point out to the family that it’s not the anti-war politicians who got their loved one killed, so perhaps their anger is a bit misdirected.

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