Outsourcing De-Lousing Your Kids

The usual non-trend from NYTimes:

“We thought we would be the last people on the block to get lice,” the mother said, clearly mortified, which probably explained why she insisted on anonymity…. The family had summoned Hair Whisperers, Ms. Goldreyer’s company, after their nanny discovered live bugs in the oldest daughter’s hair. “I certainly wasn’t going to pick them out myself,” the mother said, explaining that she felt too repulsed to be fully functional. The fee for rendering her children’s scalps lice-free? Roughly $300, not including recommended follow-up visits and products like combs and organic lice shampoos. In yet another example of outsourcing, upscale lice consultants are handling a job that anxious, busy parents hesitate to take on themselves.

via Killing Lice Is a Growing Business






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