Origin of the Borg

JB asked and here’s the official story: (from Wikiepdia)

It has also been speculated that there could be a connection between the Borg and V’ger, the vessel encountered in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP); this is indicated in the Star Trek Encyclopedia and is advanced in William Shatner’s novel, The Return. The two entities are similar in concept and philosophy:

* The Borg are born as wholly organic beings and are melded with hardware to become biomechanical hybrids. They somewhat idolize a totally artificial state, which allows the android Lore to conquer a group of them in “Descent” (TNG).
* V’ger is originally a machine – an interplanetary probe that was programmed to learn what it could about the universe – is significantly enhanced, and wants to see and touch its creator (a human) in order to fulfill its mission and evolve to a higher level of existence.

V’ger “melds” with two persons (Captain Decker and Ilia) and, in so doing, evolves. With reasonable conjecture, the Borg, a cybernetic organism – i.e., a fusion of person and machine – is born.

Following Star Trek: First Contact, the “Borg from V’ger” origin theory has a few obstacles:

* In 2063, the Borg attempt to use the Enterprise-E’s deflector dish as a subspace transmitter to contact the Borg existing at that time. As of 2005, Voyagers 3-6 were not launched. Assuming V’ger (Voyager 6) was launched some time in 2005, by 2063 a spacecraft traveling at high sublight speed would be no more than a short trip from Earth at maximum warp, hardly a distance which would require a subspace transmitter to contact anybody.
* V’ger had not merged with its creator prior to this date, and thus would not yet be part-human.
* Even before the film was released, Guinan mentioned that the Borg had existed for millennia, so they would already have been around long before V’ger was ever created.
* In 2376, the Vaadwaur (VOY) reported encountering the Borg 900 years earlier, placing this contact around the 13th century.

One possible solution to these problems arises from the fact mentioned in ST:TMP that Voyager 6 disappeared when it fell into a wormhole. One of the known properties of wormholes is that, due to special relativity, they can be holes through space and time. Therefore, the wormhole that Voyager 6 (V’ger) fell into could very well have taken it across the galaxy and backwards in time thousands of years.

But wait! There’s 2 more theories!!






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  1. alan Avatar

    Wow…that’s….um….geeky. 🙂

  2. Sven Avatar

    I feel my dork level just went up two notches by finishing that post. Dare I click on two more theories?

  3. sam Avatar

    I feel like reading that should’ve been troublesome and confusing. But it wasn’t.

  4. Dave Avatar

    You forgot one loophole, in Enterprise, the crashed Borg from First Contact, sent back a signal to the Delta Quadrant…

  5. Matt Avatar


    I noticed 2 things in the 1st Star Trek movie. Spok, who felt a bond with V-Ger, tells Kirk, “Any show of resistance would be futile, Captain.” Very similar to the Borg mantra: “We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” And, also in the first movie, how the V-Ger probe (the vertical stream of light) is only concerned with the ship’s computers. It’s very similar to ST-NG “Q Who” when a Borg scout is analyzing the ships computer and Q tells Picard, “You’re nothing to him. He’s not interested in your life form. He’s just a scout, the first of many. He’s here to analyze your technology. He may attempt to gain control of the ship. I wouldn’t let him.”

    These 2 items seem to back up the V-Ger/Borg theory.


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