OK Gov Signs Intrusive Abortion Reporting Act

On May 21, 2009, Oklahoma’s governor signed the Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act pdf. The act requires, as a condition of having the procedure done, that each woman fill out an “Individual Abortion Form” containing personal details, including age, county where abortion was performed, race, marital status, years of education, state of residence, number and result of previous pregnancies, and the reason for the abortion.

via Sen. Lamb is confident that the bill will be upheld, calling it “common-sense legislation”

Great reactions on Metafilter:

Maybe they could also pass a law where a man is required to view a picture of a bawling newborn and listen to a description of its attributes before he can engage in copulation with a woman.


As if the reason is ever going to be “I love killing babies!!!”


Wait until the Republicans hear about this government intrusion into private peoples lives. They’ll never stand for it.


Look, these sluts aren’t going to shame themselves.


And if this is required, I want to know why a man needs Viagra and publically post that on the internet.






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