Obama Rides Both Rails Regarding War

From Daily Kos:

Color me confused again. Obama, who so forcefully calls for an end to the war in Iraq in the MoveOn.org debate, who is such a supporter of a March 1, 2008 withdrawal from Iraq that he is “committed to finding the 67 votes we need to override this veto,” who proclaims on his site that he has a “clear plan to end the Iraq war,” who even goes as far to suggest endorsement of funding the war in 3 or 4 month increments, this man is “not yet at the point” where he can support cutting off funding the very war he claims he wants to bring to a March 2008 end? To Obama (and Clinton, Biden, and Edwards, for that matter), I ask this: how can we believe you words, your claims that you are the president who will end this war, when you refuse to take the one step that best evidences your dedication to that cause?







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  1. Mystylplx Avatar

    Obama is simply intelligent enough to know that there are no ‘do-overs’ in life. He had enough judgement in 2002 to foresee the disaster this war would be, and he has enough judgement now to foresee that instantly pulling the rug out from under our troops and the Iraqi people will be yet another disastrous example of bad judgement.

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