No Child Left Unfried

The United States is the only country in the world where the execution of those
under 18 is officially sanctioned.






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  1. sam Avatar

    We’re so civilized.

    The United States is the only country where the execution of those (who commit heinous crimes while) under the age of 18 is officially sanctioned. You have to look pretty deep into the US history to find a juvenile executed. Since the re-instatement of the death penalty in the early 70’s, all but one of juvenile offenders were 17 when they committed their murders (one was 16.) The period on death row for these offenders ranged from 6 to 20 years making their age at execution between 23 and 38. The last juvenile offender executed was Scott Hain in Oklahoma. He carjacked a young couple, robbed them, and locked them in the truck of their car. He then set the car on fire and left as they were screaming and banging on the trunk. He later returned to see if the fire was still burning. If this were my brother, sister, or boyfriend, I wouldn’t care if the finger was that lit the match was 17 or 19… I’d want their killer treated like an adult.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Nice points both – I just wonder what the hold-up is in getting us to sign that Child Rights commission action. I’m trying to figure what kind of economic, oil or globalization interest could be behind it. Study after study has shown that capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime. When people murder others they are not usually rational and thinking cause-and-effect. Plus, the appeals process of a death setence and legal wranglings costs much more than just locking them up for the rest of their lives. The line between justice and revenge is cloudy at times.

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