Nickelback Demix

Bumble over at Ultimate Metal mixed Nickelback’s two songs: ‘This is How You Remind Me’ and ‘Someday’. One in the left channel. One in the right. Yep: the same song – even in the same key! (via MeFi)

MP3 (3.6 MB)






3 responses to “Nickelback Demix”

  1.  Avatar

    A lot of groups use similar formulas:
    verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, tag. (etc.)
    But this is way weird and overformulated!

    Yeah – I know the structural stuff is the same – but it’s uncanny – it sounds like they are even in the same key! This goes beyond just the ‘three chords’ stuff. But I think I’ll write my own Nickelback song, too! Even the build up to a release lines up.

  2. derwin Avatar

    not to deny that almost all nickelback songs are super similar to each other (not unlike most songs by a dozen other rock groups out there), the key for Someday has been raised by a third in the remix. (maybe it’s a result of a tempo change for the song, i can’t be bothered to check.) chad kroeger does NOT have that squeeky of a voice!!! but he IS derivative. *spank spank*

  3. Cody Avatar

    The nickelback mp3 doesn’t work! I want to hear it… could someone please send it to me via e-mail…

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