Nguyen Ngoc Loan Shoots A Viet Cong Soldier

vietnamereal.jpgvitenamisometric.gifvietnamecartoon.gif I was going through my blog archives and happened again on the work of artist John Haddock. He took iconic images from entertainment and history and put them in the soul-less view of a Sims-esque video game. Since then he’s done a set in the style of Krazy Kat 1930s cartoons. He’s also the guy that made paintings of porn scenes with the actors removed.






One response to “Nguyen Ngoc Loan Shoots A Viet Cong Soldier”

  1. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    As you read about this famious photo you note that solider that is shot has just blown up a cafe.The photo that is gastly is the one of a young Viet Nam Child walking down the road with her skin in sheet just after the red white and blue napamed her villiage………….


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