Neck Crick

I was gonna post today about how much progress I’m making with my ‘2 days on, 2 days off’ training regimen. I do one day whole body heavy, then the second day the same stuff with lighter weights and then take 2 days off. But I think I pulled a neck muscle yesterday. I can’t bend my head to the left. Ouch.

Put the A/C in this morning – it was hot as hell yesterday – especially since my apartment faces west on the 6th floor so the entire setting sun cycle comes right through the windows.

Later: I think I have some sort of stomach virus. I’m thinking it might be the overripe strawberries I ate for a snack. Feel achy all over. Gonna lay down after this next client call.

Later: I think I’m moving out of the malady. You know how you get sick and you are sort of reduced to being an animal for a day or so – all you think about is sitting still? That’s what today has been like. My neck hasn’t loosened up yet. I keep trying to gently stretch it.






3 responses to “Neck Crick”

  1. Dr.Fish Avatar

    You need to get a stringwinder and go fishing…..Play……with real people… be a tourist go to the ball game………….how you play is how you work….you got that Jack Boy…………………..the fish

  2. ullion Avatar

    In Tai Chi we move slow and with medation -Softness cvercomes hardness.For one day a month you do nothing.Slow movement ;light to dark;well to sickness;tight to lose…Stand as a tree//WO CHI…

  3. Jonah Avatar

    Hope you feel better soon sexy…

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