Navy Busting X Rollers

Navy investigators seeking ecstasy dealing at Washington dance clubs are accused of targeting gay sailors. I find it fascinating that every two years or so the media re-awakens to the rave scene (not that this article has anything to do with it). Since that girl died up here in Chicago there have been constant reports of raves and X and all that good stuff. You know what it boils down to? Middle-class kids with no hobbies. Everytime I go to the club Circuit I get asked if I know where to score some X. I’m sorta flattered that my dancing is ecstatic enough to lead others to conclude I’m rolling.






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  1. claire palmer Avatar
    claire palmer

    I love what you’re saying, I have written a review about this kinda thing, and would be flattered to send you it if you so required. Would you be interested? Let me know. 🙂

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