National Debt: You Owe $30,000

That’s okay, Hillary’s baby-bond will save us. Yeah right. $5k towards a college tuition in 2026? Pshaw, y’all.

Suck it, ‘fiscal’ conservatives:

For the fifth time since 2001, Congress is raising the debt limit, increasing it by $850 billion to $9.815 trillion. The Senate approved the plan on a 53-42 vote Thursday. That’s $9,815,000,000,000.00. The House of Representatives has already signed off on the plan, without a direct vote. According to the folks who follow this stuff closely, the national debt has been rising by an average of $1.36 billion per day since September of last year. And each citizen now has a share of nearly $30,000.






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    Don’t panic! Don’t panic!

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