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It’s 4:43 – I’ve got insomnia – but that’s okay because I have Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in the DVD player. This is sorta fun.

I was so distracted by sneezing as the bus came that I am not really sure if I am on a 135 or a 145 bus. And I won’t know until it gets to Michigan Avenue. I suppose I could ask someone else that gets on – but I sort of like the suspense.

Tended to my ezine email list and need to plug in another 600 people into it as well. Had a free teleclas last night for my creativity workshops – had four people dial in. It is funny how I just sort of pull this stuff out of nowhere. I do spend a lot of time talking to myself before the call and rehearsing how to say things but it is just a lot of fun to sit there on the phoen with people and talk about creativity and obstacles. I hope I get some sign-ups for these classes.

Had a wonderful workout last night. I totally kicked my ass. Getting up to 250 pounds on the inclinebench machine – Ron and I won’t be happpy until we can stack 3 45s on each side and do at least half a dozen reps. This weekend is Market Days which is sort of like Gay Pride Part II. It’s a big street/art fair in Boystown neighborhood – so the clubs will definitely be packed tonight.

Though the x-ray came back and they think it migt be a stress fracture in my ankle. I have to go for a bone scan on Monday. I think the Nader in me is going to write a letter to the three doctors I’ve interacted with this problem… the first one that misdiagnosed it as a sprain, the second one that didn’t follow thorugh and call me back about the results from the x-ray – and the third, my GP, who it woudl probably take up to three months to have an appointment with him. I really don’t understand that – even when I did work in a doctor’s office I didnt’ understand the bullshit of over scheduling appointments. I don’t know if it is a customer churn rate that the doctors have to have either from the fcility or their HMO or what. But it’s fucking rude. If you know you can’t handle the volume then why try?

My cold allergies seem to be subsiding.

If you hear a low sexy woman’s voice for Secret Ultra-Clear – that’s Mierka – she’s the voiceover for a TV spot that will run in the U.S. and Canada. She’s going ot have surgery in a fwe weeks to remove callouses on her vocal cords – she’s hoping to keep her low pitch but get rid of the raspiness cuased from being a performer since she was seven.

Hawkshaws has a preview tonight – I might take Ron to it. He’s off tonight. I get to see Karen this weekend as well – so looking foward to that. I miss her so very very much. I still have not bought sunglasses for the summer. Mom and dad sent me a ballcap that I left a tthe beach along with two shirts and a large tub of honey-roasted peanuts – half of which were decimated when we watched Lord of the Rings.

I need to call my current landlord and tell them the news that I’m not renewing and see if I can stay there for Sept 1st at least so I don’t have to pack everything one night and then move it all in the next morning. That will really stink.

I still have no idea what bus I’m on – I guess it’s these small excitements that make a dayjob all worth it. So Mark and I were asking for a few days of grace before they start escalating these access issues to rule out user operator or ‘dumb-shits don’t know how to use their computer’ syndrome. I like all the euphemisms we use: operator error, user fatigue. How but just being a dumbshit? And yes, I am hard on these people because I know for a fact that the company provdes a huge volume of training in every software package we license. It’s okay to be ignorant – it’s not okay to stay ignorant. I still see very little reason for personal assistants for executives. Wasn’t MS Outlook and a Palm supposed to undo all of that? But no – the old boys like to have their lackeys. I’m expecting a big conversation with C_____ when she gets back on vacation about my resignation. I don’t know if I’ve written this part before but a big problem too is that HR people don’t understand or know the value of the technical skills that I have. Just seeing the two temps come handle customers compared to the finesse that Mark and I have is very noticeable.

Shoot – I didn’t go to Erik’s birthday party last night. I really didn’t want to – but i wanted to call and give my regrets.

My idea to place a larger ad in the Chicago Reader backfired – it is small compared to the surrounding ads so it doesn’t stand out at all. There burns another $50. Even if it is just me and my friends in a room doing The Artist’s Way it will be worth it. I’m gonna try and do at least four more free teleclasses in the next few weeks to get more possible customers for the teleclass version of the site. Ron said that he feels guilty that we aren’t spending so much time together – that he is always working. I remind him how much I love that there is forced time apart built into the arrangement. I love it.

If the creativity classes don’t come to a head this time – that’s alright. It gives me more time to maybe host a monthly call or topic a couple times before I try and offer it again. I need to create CreativityNow.com anyway. I see the bread and butter for my teleclass work coming from teaching HTML and MS Office by teleclass. I think that that will be where I can score some big purchases – teach practical skills that people can apply right now. I am behind in a lot of email communications right now. I need to make a priroity of updating my address book once and for all and really getting all of those contacts for all of those people that I promise I will keep in touch with. It is nice and mild today.

Some guy is supposed to come today and get the futon and the computer desk. Can’t wait to get that stuff gone – then all that is left is the bookcase. And I really should get a new TV stand of some sort as well. I dunno. I can’t dark furniture because it wil make the place look too small. Then I can’t wait to drag all the stuff home that I am going to so I can really get down to packing up my belongings to move at the end of the month. So much change in so little time. That’s me. It feels good type in the morning. I like sitting here and composing text as the lake speeds by and the cars pass the bus into the city. but then again – I’ve been up since 4:30 so I figure I’l get a little loopy by early afternoon. I shouudl have a mailing list for my coaching work of about 1200 people right now – and it will probably top off at 2800 for now. My dream would be to have a mailing list of like 20,000 people. That would be too damned cool. I think Brigitte had her job interivew this week – sshhhh – that and her audition for Godspell. That show is so problematic for me – I love the first and last thrids of the production I assistant directed in college but some of the lyrics are just really old testament to me. I did think the first part of the show rocked and the last part was fantastic as well. The score has a lot of throwaway but I will always love ‘By My Side’:

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Can you take me with you for my hand is cold and needs warmth…

Where are you going?

And the actors we had were so desperate with Jesus as she announced she had to leave (yeah, we had a female Jesus). and the harmony in that song was great. I was the baritone for the pit chorus. It was like being Manhaatan Transfer. Or I guess Jerusalem Transfer.

I sent out a big-ass broadcast email to a bunch of people about the creativity classes but I think I’ll have to one-up the effort and really email everybody personally and indiviudally and really work some leads that they can give me. I have to willing and eager to hustle. It felt so good to lead that class last night. So much fun – I crack myself up when I’m on a teleclass call. And 2 of the four attendees seemed to really get a lot out of it.






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