My sister was here all

My sister was here all weekend. I love her so damn much. It is so crazy to think that we’ve grown up together and I’ve known her since the day I was born. 25 years. Shit. That is just insane. We went to see the Egyptian exhibit at the Art Institute. Seeing sculptures that are over 3000 years old really puts things in perspective. Makes all the daily shit that I worry about seem really goddamn small.

One of the fag rags had an article about a new modeling agency opening up in Chicago – Platinum Models and that they are looking for men. I’m gonna go to their open call on Thursday. Yes, I know I’m too short. Yes, I know my muscles aren’t big enough. Yes, I know that I probably don’t look European enough or whatever enough but dammit somebody has to think that I belong in magazines, right? Right!

If I can just focus on forward movement. Just a little something each day towards a dream or a goal validates that my life isn’t a total hurry up and wait.

That has been one thing about having a webcam is having people say such nice things about my appearance. Maybe I’m a sucker for compliments. I’ve heard things like:

‘If you don’t mind my saying so just half an hour after I see you for the first time, you’re really one of the most strikingly good looking people I’ve seen…and I’m not bs-ing you. It’s your face and profile that are really top-notch!’

‘I clicked on your camera this evening and just had to send you a note to tell you that you are definitely an exquisitely beautiful man :)’

‘GOD you are HOT! I just saw you on cam and actually
got kinda WET…ehhehehhe
It is sooo cool that you are bi…i always tried to
get my ex b/f to do a threesome with another guy but
he never would :(‘

‘Andrew, you are looking waaay too good for a girl to see in the middle of the night all ALONE!
I would LOVE to bite a chunk out of that ASS!!! God, I hope you’re over 18 !!!’

‘My God, you look like a young John Kennedy, Jr.. You are truly handsome!!!!’






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