My Friends and I Might

My Friends and I Might As Well Be Gay

…Many males our age have a wardrobe consisting of primarily Abercrombie and Fitch clothing. But… do they want to be Abercrombie models so bad that they hold their own private photo shoots? It was not uncommon at all at one point in time to go to Doug’s house and find the two wearing their wife-beater tank tops, snapping black and white photos of each other. Are we real men? Parts of us are, but every manly morsel of us is battled with an equal type of disturbingly effeminate habit. Doug loves those Victoria Secret models, but should he go so far to receive the catalog in the mail with his name on the label? Cort reads and enjoys Maxim as much as the next guy, but after reading he puts on his uniform and barks orders at other men who must obey his every whim as members of the National Guard. And is my infatuation with Katie Holmes a mere cover up so I can watch Dawson’s Creek without any bit of inner-guilt?






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