My Fault- I'm Female

For those of us with mom- sisters- wives- daughters- friends and the other awesome women in our lives: A list of awful stories of intimidation- underestimation and downright misogyny. "I went to a (male) gynecologist for a smear test. Second time I was seeing this doctor. While performing the test…G: 'How old are you?' Me: '32.' G: 'What do you do for a living?' Me: 'I am a university lecturer.' G: 'Do you have any kids?' Me: 'No.' G (shocked!):' Why??' Me: (shocked too!): 'err… It just hasn't happened.' G: 'Look- girlie- professional success is not all there is. Go have some kids now while your eggies are there.'"

My Fault- I'm Female





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