Muffin Monday

Happy Monday to ya. Top of the Muffin To Ya. Remember, it’s not Top o’ the Muffin TO YOU, it’s Top o’ the Muffin to a ya. One of my famous quotes from my corporate gig was when Kelly emailed me about breakfast and I informed her:

It’s Muffin Monday! I’ve been muffin all day!

I used to have a problem with muffins. Until I read in a fitness magazine somewhere that muffins are really just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast – once I made that connection I sorta reduced my muffin consumption sharply.

Muffin Monday is not to be confused with Vindictive Thursday which is what I called it when I spent all day running help desk and was about to lose my mind with know-nothing folks who hadn’t managed to learn how to use Microsoft Office for the last 15 years of their lives. I have no sympathy for these folks. They were there from typewriter to punchcard to Windows 3.1. There is no excuse to have not learned the tech as it comes in – especially when it is crucial to your job. One secretary (old school – not an admin assistant) would essentially whine to you about how to do something until you became angry enough to just do it for her. Nice tactic. Her boss had one of the most egregious combovers ever to walk in North America.

Kitty spent the early morning running around the bedroom like a madcat and mewing angrily that he can’t jump forty feet and eat the pigeons on the roof next door. He’s now sleeping soundly. I guess that is his cardio for the day.

Bought more Rooibus Royale at My Place for Tea. I’m sending it as a thank you along with a signed copy of the book to all the folks that have helped the book along in the past several months. I should get a new box of books from Amazon today. It is strange to sign your own book. You think to yourself ‘Why would they want a signed copy of the book? It’s just me.’ Or at the book party when I was signing books. I think it is the sentiment of ‘One of my friends published a book! I’ve always wanted to have a book signed by a published author! This is fun!’ It’s not a charade because the feelings are authentic – but it’s got a fun ‘Look at you! You wrote a book!’ energy to it that is fun.

I think I might see if Enrique and Minerva at My Place for Tea want to be local business blogging guinea pigs. She said her husband is already a strong writer so I think they could easily conquer the search engines and boost their tea export business if they blogged a couple times a week. I was also trying to talk them into doing a book – just a short one – that distills their lectures into print form. One thing that has been fun from getting my book published is so many friends are opening their minds ‘If Andy can publish a book… well hell, I wanna write a book too!’ Enrique and Minerva are from the same province as Ron and have the same last name. Minerva is an RN as well as part-owner of the tea biz. They are both nuts about tea and are going to ride the crest of the post-coffee trends. I really think they could be on TV shows talking about tea and such easily.

Minvera was talking about how they change their prices monthly depending on their wholesale costs and that they pass the savings on to customers – she has a deep commitment to her customer relationships. They do weekend tea lectures where they teach you how to pick and brew tea – why some tea is more expensive than others – how to decaffeinate your tea yourself (which I didn’t even know you could do) – stuff like that.

Wow it is only 7am. It feels later.

I got the scoop that one of the 2-bedroom units upstairs is opening up. I might see if Ron is interested. I’d love to stay in this building because the building managers (a sweet and warm European couple) are awesome.

I am coming to my senses and bringing in a proofreader for a project that has been languishing for 2 months. When I sit on something like this I positively have to get it sourced. I’m not going to get to this 240+ page transcript (of 8 hours of audio) so I have to farm it out. It is dragging on way too much and my collaborator is probably secretly impatient.

Kitty is trying to turn himself inside out. He lays on his side and as he sleeps he gradually makes a complete revolution. He’s now halfway through with his white belly skyward, and head upside down. He’s dreaming – his whiskers are twitching slightly.

Do you wonder if the Democrats will take either of the chambers of Congress this fall? I hope they do, of course, but have this sneaking suspicion they are just going to screw it up again. If Crashing the Gate is to be believed, as long as the consultantocracy is installed there will be no results.

My super-duper-fantastic promotion idea might be stalled as well. I’ve given the developer some ideas that are deal-breakers if they can’t be implemented. We’ll see.

I’ve been growing my beard out the past week – it’s all in celebration of International Mister Leather this coming weekend. Though that is totally NOT my scene. I’m no cub. I’m no daddy. Ron and I just like to go to the market and see all the wares. It’s amazing what people will shove inside their bodies to reach nirvana. Anyway, I’m growing out the scruff – tis the season after all. That’s one of the funny things is when people wish you a ‘Happy Pride!’ or ‘Happy Market Days!’ or ‘Happy IML!’ Like it is some kind of cake-eating occasion (that’s not a euphemism). I liken it to that old adage about all Jewish holidays: ‘They tried to kill us. We survived. Let’s eat!’ Or something like that.

Incredibly inappropriate and close-minded: When ever you see woman athletes win a trophy do you silently hear them saying ‘We’re eatin’ pussy tonight!!’? Or maybe hear it in the voice of the head Uru-Khai: ‘Meat’s back on the menu, boys!’






3 responses to “Muffin Monday”

  1. Troy Avatar

    You said something about someone who used to whine until you did it for her.

    I have a phrase for this. I call it…

    “Can you show me how to do it for me.”


  2. myke Avatar

    it does seem to be the season of scruff … even i ‘ve grown mine out a bit … but it looks all red and stuff. i’m not sure i like it.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Mine grows out part red too. I wonder if I should try dyeing it for kicks. I can always shave it if it looks like hell.

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