Motorola Razr Turns Self Off

Just blogging this in case someone else if having similar problems. Ron got a new black Razr phone and it kept turning itself off. He eventually called the local Cingular store and (after looking up the phone’s serial code) they said that there was a batch of Razr phones that had a glitch where they’d turn themselves off if they lost a signal. He got the replacement phone today.

In case others misspell: Razor, Razer, Rasor 






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  1. Scoop Avatar

    It’s a Razr burn, eh?

  2. Patrick Avatar

    Have you seen those Pink Razr’s? They are adorable.

  3. Naked Boy Avatar

    I want a Razr, but is cingular the only company that offers them?

  4. Sven Avatar

    Seriously, I want the Pink Razr.

    No, I am not gay.

    Okay, I am. But just a lil bit.

  5. jeff Avatar

    RAZRs are pretty. but also pretty crappy. mine got tired after about three weeks and decided to go on vacation. whoops!

  6. JWood Avatar

    I have 2 razor phones they both worked fine for a couple months. Now, when I try to power up one of them it reads “insert sim”. I have taken out the battery and sim and reinstalled it but it still reads the same. Even when I take the sim from the other phone and replace it the same is displayed. Any ideas?

  7. amber Avatar

    i got a razor about 2 months ago and now whenever i try to charge it, i’ll have to turn it off and back on or play with it for awhile before it starts to charge. or sometimes it might even say unable to charge at the top. should i go to the phone place or get a new phone?

  8. Missy Avatar

    it’s happening to my Razr too. on another message board someone suggested putting a piece of paper behind the battery to help keep the battery connected to the phone…i’ll see if this works before exchanging it….although for what it costs one shouldn’t have to ghetto-rig it for it to work! 🙁

  9. shillak Avatar

    I just got a new Black Razr, and when I try to pair it with my Mac, it come sup as headset instead of a mobile phone. So now I cannot sync contacts, etc… Anyone have any ideas about what might cause this or how to fix?

  10. Cyndy Avatar

    I got a new razr. It shut itself off automatically when I lost signal. My son & I both got the phone same day and same problem. I had them both replaced. My son’s phone seems to be fine, but mine is doing the same thing again. CINGULAR customer care SUCKS! – on hold for an hour, they keep transferring, etc. Now i’m waiting for my SECOND Razr. oh, volume sucks on these phones too- I can hardly hear people, but the rest is great. not sure if it’s worth it.

  11. Cyndy Avatar

    forgot to leave my emai.
    so I called Cingular and they transferred me to warranty exchange, who trans me to sales, who trans me back to warranty exchange, who trans me to warr exchange at&t side by mistake, who now is transferring me back to the original cingular warranty exchange that i started out with – such great customer service!!

  12. Erin Avatar

    I got a Pink RAZR in December and it’s been fabulous except for the last 24 hours. That’s actually how I stumbled on this blog….yesterday I was talking on it and it kept shutting itself off. I thought I’d managed to break it without knowing it, but the person I was talking to said that every time it shut off, his phone would say “Network Failure-Erin” (we both have T-Mobile). So I’m assuming I have the same issue…it just shuts off when it loses signal. Luckily, T-Mobile customer service is GREAT, and I just called them a few minutes ago and my replacement is on the way. Seriously, from the time I dialed (they pre-program customer care into your phone…how genius is that!?) to the time they said the phone would be sent tomorrow, it took all of 5 minutes. Glad I found the blog or I would’ve kept on thinking I broke my phone!! 🙂

  13. Kamil Avatar

    mine too, it just started a few days ago.

  14. Zeb Avatar

    Anybody have problems with the Razr where it will ring but it will not let you answer the incoming call? It will not even show who’s calling….keeps displaying the home screen and keeps ringing.

    Anyone? This is my second Verizon phone with the same problem.

  15. Chris Avatar

    yeah yesterady mine turned off for no reason so when I got home i plugged it into the charger, but it doesn’t respond, tried my car charge instead, doesn’t respond to that either, so now I can’t even turn it back on, does any1 know what might be causing this problem?

  16. Sarah Avatar

    My husband and I both got new Razrs two weeks ago. He got black, I got pink. His works great, mine drops my calls all the time. No matter where I am! I can be mid sentence and then it shuts itself off!
    We called customer service, etc… and now our local cingular store is holding a new one for me. Lets hope I’ll have better luck the second time around.
    Thanks to everyone else for sharing their experiences. I glad I’m not the only one!

  17. Mikel Rodriguez Avatar

    Take the battery out. Put it back in and charge the phone. The “Unable to charge” message should disappear.

  18. kevin Avatar

    I have a T-mobile razr and it keeps turning itself off too. Do you guys think it’s similar to the glitch that the V600 had?

  19. Clifford Avatar

    My Razr powers of and on by itself. I may be talking of the phone and poofff its gone of, then its powering up….Any ideas?

  20. JGNME Avatar

    My phone started doing the same thing and its been going for a week. My phone is silver now it wont turn on for more than a few seconds. I called T-MOBILE told them about it with my waranty I still have to pay shipping. I asked them if they have had any similar problems with any other razers and they said no. My sons phone does the same thing whata bunch of bull.

  21. Glenn Avatar

    I ordered 4 RAZR’s about three weeks ago. One of them had a bad LCD from the start. T-mobile had us pay $9.95 to ship a replacement for a defective phone! The other razr drops calls periodically. T-mobile customer service says that it’s a batter problem (?) and they want us to pay $9.95 to have a battery resent. C’mon, $9.95 each time they give us a defective item?! I like the razr a lot but this is the first time in my four years of being with T-Mobile that I’m complaining about their customer care. They also said that the dropped call issue is not a common problem. I’m on the phone with Motorola customer service right now and they admit that a good number of razr’s sent between Feb and Mar of this year are defective.

  22. Olg Avatar

    National press release from Cingulr on 3/10 stated that due to quality issues with the Razr, all sales were atopped last week. Check it out !

  23. Nathan Avatar

    I got the black razr a while back and i noticed that it would reboot itself… i thought nothing of it at first but now that i’ve seen this blog and many others due to the same problem i need to get mine replaced.. for now i guess i have to live with it.. its just a phone… just a luxury…

  24. Joel Avatar

    Mine has never dropped a call or anything, but it has also never been on when I pulled it out of my pocket to talk. It usually powers down about 10 minutes after I last use it for something. I called the store that I purchased it from and they said they can do a direct exchange at the store level during the first 30 days after purchase, so luckily I’m still in that time window. This is true for Cingular customers, maybe not the other carriers.

  25. Eduardo Avatar

    Mine (Black RAZR) started rebooting about 5 days ago, since then I’ve seen the news articles that talk about the glitch, but the problem is that I bought mine on ebay, because here (Cd. Juarez, Mexico) the phone was a little more expensive, and if I go to my provider (Telcel), they’ll likely tell me to go where I bought it, because I did not get it from them. Does anyone know how to fix the problem, ’cause it’s supposed to be an easily reparable glitch according what Motorola said in some of these articles.

  26. Lisa Avatar

    My silver RAZR quit working after about three months. It would drop calls and camera would freeze the phone. Had to remove the battery before powering it back up. T-Mobile sent a refurbished replacement for 9.95 shipping. This phone shuts itself off for no apparent reason. Finally gave up and traded it in for a T809 Slider, waiting to receive it from T-Mobile.

  27. Jason Avatar

    Same problem here, black motorola v3 razr shuts off on its on.

    not sure why this is happening.

  28. Judy Avatar

    I dropped my Razr in the toilet!!! It has dried out, and will restart and display fine…
    except I get the message “INSERT SIM CARD” even tho it is already in. I took the sim card and put it in my old phone and it works fine… it isn’t the sim obviously. Any ideas out there? Didn’t do the insurance option on this one….only on the one for my 16 year old son, and he has been very responsible…unlike his mom.

  29. Shay Avatar

    mine is so annoying.
    every once in a while it turns off, but mostly it will just go blank and say “insert SIM”
    its been doing it a lot lately, and i dont know if i should take it to a store or not.

  30. mandy Avatar

    my razr is having lots of problems like turning itself off it wont take incoming call either. i hate it i just want a regular phone thats all my advixce is dont ever get a razr

  31. mandy Avatar

    now that i got my razr the price has went down almost 100 dollars cause htey rae a peice of crap

  32. sarah Avatar

    INSERT SIM. that is all that comes up. I dropped my razr on the concrete, the little memory card or whatev fell out, I put it back in and INSERT SIM kept on coming up. no matter how many times I turn off my phone and replace the card, nothing is working. it’s only been about an hour though, but this sucks so bad.

  33. mark Avatar

    Well, at least I now know that I’m not the only one. I watched in horror as my screen… just… faded… away… 🙁

    My new black razr is coming next week (the Dolce & Gabbana razr was pretty, but it foesn’t come with the boys in the picture, so it isn’t worth the added expense). I don’t expect that they’ve found all the bugs yet, so I won’t be dissapointed.

  34. RomanGod Avatar

    well I found the bug with my RAZR when it showed “Unable to Charge”.

    It appears that the charging socket on the RAZR is as sensitive as the headphone jacks used to be in walkmen (they may still as crappy as before, I just haven’t bought one in about a decade.

    I plugged in the charger and tilted the charger cable a bit until the phone showed “Charging Battery”. If I move the cable, the phone turns off, if i leave in the tilted position, it keeps charging.

    I wish i could take it back to Moto, but I bought it second hand on eBay for a huge discount (no warranty on eBay is one of the risks I was willing to take).

    Sucks that Moto makes a product I have to compare to an almost extinct item.

  35. awilliam Avatar

    My black motorola razr v3 also has the problem of shutting itself off. From time to time, it also comes up with “Invalid Battery” message, in which case, I cannot do anything without powering the phone on and off a few times. I got it in March, and it has been doing this for over a month now. I thought maybe I wasn’t charging the battery enough, but after a full night charge, after it shut itself off again, I got fed up and went to Cingular. They gave me a number that I was on hold for over 15 minutes waiting for a person. They are supposed to be sending me a new phone out, but now I am worried about their “terms and conditions”. She made it a point to indicate that if the phone appears to have been dropped or damaged in any way, the warranty is invalid. Now, I do not mistreat my stuff, but I use my phone alot. It goes in my purse with my other things, and it does have about two or three small nicks on the cover. Does anyone think Cingular is going to give me a hard time with this?

  36. Steve Avatar

    I have recently seen a problem with my RAZR. I go to charge it (after turning it off) and I get the
    “Unable to Charge” message. Only way I can clear
    it is to remove the battery. Once that is done, it
    appears to charge fine. Its happened twice so far.

  37. Jason Avatar

    My wife’s black razr turns off all of the time. My silver one has no problems. It is hard to even restart the Black RAZR – we have to keep trying for up to several minutes. They should recall this lemon.

  38. brax Avatar

    same here, mine would reboot when someone called, phone wouldnt ring or show missed calls. im sending it back for the 2nd time now

  39. steph Avatar

    I just bought the pink razr 2 months ago here in australia, and when i take photos witht he cover closed after three shots it turns off by itself and theres a black circle which seems to be under my screen, im sending it to the shop do u think theres a good chance of a replacement?

  40. bri Avatar

    i got mine for christmas and it does turn itself off and the screen goes blank
    but does anyones make a “buzzing” sound when trying to talk to someone
    mine does and i cant find a way for it to stop

  41. sickgirl Avatar

    Got my RAZR the day before Christmas. Was working great until about two weeks ago. All of the sudden began turning itself off and on, saying invalid battery. When it will stay on long enough to dial a number, it shuts off once the call is answered. Cingular has been “just great”, their “Terms and Conditions” make me feel like a criminal. “No signs of abuse or water damage or you will be billed $200+ dollars for the replacement, but you need to mail it to us first.” Just great, wow us if the mail carrier drops it or even if they drop it they’re going to bill me. I have no way of proving anything, oh and I need to wait a week to get my new phone unless I wish to pay another $10.00 to have them express ship it. The best part, though, was going to a Cingular store, I mean an actual store (brick and mortar), to see if they could maybe tell me if there was something obivous I could do to correct the problem. Instead of a smile and “let me take a look” or “here lets call the warrenty exchange department”, they did something even better. Without looking up from her computer screen, she scribbles one of the great cingular numbers that you can dial from your Cingular phone, which of course needs to working to use, and says “Call this number.” But wait it gets better, my husband calls to number from his working non-RAZR phone only to find the number she gave us was a non-valid number. Hummmm….

  42. Shannon Avatar

    I have the Razr thru T-Mobile. I bought it in March. For about a month now, the battery refuses to hold a charge. I replaced the battery, no good. Unused, the phone lasts maybe 6 hours. Used, it’s out of juice within minutes. When it gets very low on power, it freaks out when I plug it in to charge. It also shuts itself on and off and the screen flickers. I hated this phone when I bought it, I hate it even more now.

  43. Travis Avatar

    I got my Razr yesterday, and was pretty impressed with it, it’s a vast improvement on my old phone. I took it out today to play and take a few photos, but discovered that occassionally, and seemingly randomly, the phone will restart itself after taking a picture. I live in Australia, and I’m going to take it back to the Telstra shop where I got it from tomorrow.

  44. Travis Avatar

    Well, it turns out that Telstra has a “no lemon policy”, so they exchanged my phone right there an then. The replacement appears to be working perfectly. Woohoo!

  45. James Avatar

    I bought a razr a few months ago- and now when I turn it on, and with any button I press, the phone attempts to access the internet and crashes!?!? Crazy. Have tried everything. Back to Nokia very soon I think…

  46. Jim Avatar

    I have a silver Razr. Kept discovering it turned off. T-Mobile replaced the phone; no change. Replaced the battery; OK. However, now, four months later, same problem. Find it turned off with a full charge, plus, when I talk on it it always turns itself off and then back on. Piece of crap.

  47. lili Avatar

    the motorola pebl has the same problem

  48. Clarissa Avatar

    Hi I was just wondering …I am thinking about getting a Pink Razr phone and I was just wondering if anyone had one and dropped it one time and it broke and can someone tell me if they are good because i really want one and i hav been looking into them for quite a while now and they seem very intresting so if someone will tell me then it will be greatly appreciated…Thanx

  49. Laura Avatar

    My black RAZR has all teh same problem and won’t turn on or charge. GODDD what to do?? I payed so much 4 that sucker now it won’t charge. I’ve tried all the suggestions and none work.. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP

  50. David Avatar

    My RAZR just started turning itself off for no reason yesterday, then within 2-3 hours of that behavior, decided not to display anything on the screen…just a black void. Anyone have this problem? Fix?

  51. Michael Avatar

    I bought a used razr 3 weeks ago, initally it didn’t charge. US Cellular replaced the charger at no cost to me. At first the battery would not hold a charge for more that about 4 hours if I used the phone or not. At that point they replaced the battery at no cost as well. That did not help very much, now it may go about 6 hours, much less if I make a call, or read my e-mail. I always let the battery go completely dead before recharging, and have never had any trouble before. Is it common for razr’s to drain batteries so quickly. It is pretty much useless if I have to charge the thing twice each day. Has anyone else had similar trouble? …

  52. Shay Avatar

    I agree with all the comments. I too am with Cingular there customer service sucks. I got the razr when it first came out.It was fine at first then it started powering itself off, it always has that buzzing noise, it went hay wire, the bluetooth does not work. So called CIngular they sent me another one. Now this one is acting up. It won’t accept any charger keeps saying unable to charge. Called Cingular again, there sending me yet another one. If this one acts up I’m switching to another type phone, maybe the slver. My suggestion don’t get the razr, maybe in a few months or years they’ll work out all the kinks.

  53. Jonelle Avatar

    I bought a pink razr about two months ago. Everything is fine, but about four days ago I dropped it in a tub of water, i grabbed it out quickly. I took the battery out and let everything dry and it killed the battery, so I charged it and none of the buttons work! Its driving me crazy… just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if i have to bring it back…? Thanks! Jo

  54. Jeremy Avatar

    Same thing here. It was in a shirt pocket that got rained on, but the phone didn’t get very wet. Buttons stopped working yesterday. I’m going to try to drop by a Cingular store tomorrow, but let me know if you figured out how to make the buttons work again.


  55. Amy Avatar

    DON’T be tempted to get this phone. It’s cheap, and if you drop it ever (like I did after 4 months of use), it’s useless. These phones are like high heels- look great but that’s where the usefulness ends.

    The user interface is awkward and the features are not intuitive.

    I want my old Nokia phone (that I dropped several times over its long lifetime …and traded in for the Razr) back!

  56. Sticks Avatar

    I accidentally left my black Razr V3 in the pocket of my swim trunks the other day when I jumped in the pool. I was in there for about 10 minutes before I realized the phone was in my pocket! I jumped out and ran over to the picnic table and dissected the phone – took out the battery and the SIM card and blew and shook the water out as best I could. I let it sit overnight and put it back together, and it works just fine, except for the “Invalid Battery” message on the screen (hence the reason I’m here on this site). Wonder if the battery is hosed? Any suggestions?

  57. Jeremy Avatar

    For everyone that got their phone wet (or something similar). I called Cingular, they said they’d send me a new phone in the mail. I received it a few days later (free) as long as I sent my old phone in, which I did yesterday. They asked that I use the same box my new one came in and they even prepaid the postage. They’ll charge you for the phone if you don’t send your old one back. So far, it couldn’t have been any easier.

    Keep the battery and the backing to your old phone. The one they send won’t have either.

  58. Puzzled Avatar

    Has anyone experienced one Razor phone calling (redialing a number that it last called)another Razor phone when no one was touching it or the headset?

  59. COLIN Avatar


  60. Manii Avatar

    HEY Missy did putting a piece of paper behind the battery work?

  61. Eric Avatar

    Mine is also turning off for no apparent reason… ALSO, when I look at the battery it shows (for example) all 3 battery bars (i.e. fully charged), then 30 minutes later I look an the battery is red and the screen reads “low battery”… the phone was not used during the 30 minute period!!!! Any suggestions???

  62. Lyndee Avatar


    I got the Silver Razr V3 on June 28, 2006

    Today is Aug. 22, 2006

    I started having troubles with my Razr Aug. 18th.

    This is 8 weeks after using it.

    I rarely use my cell phone so one cannot say I overused my Razr.

    Within the last couple of days I have experienced the following errors and messages on my cell phone

    *invalid battery

    *insert SIM

    *unable to charge

    *phone freezes up

    For the last couple of days I have have been popping out my
    battery and re-adjusting the SIM card. Yestersay, I did this
    about 5 times throughout the day. MISSED a call where a friend
    told me they were outside my office waiting for me.

    I understand the technology will have its faults, but doing taking off my case, taking the back off the phone, popping out the battery,
    re-adjusting the SIM card, putting the battery back on, the back of the phone back on, the case on….before making a call…IS A PAIN

  63. Carrie Avatar

    Just bought the pink razor phone I hve had it for less than a week and have been on the phone to cingular all week. The thing is a piece of junk. Looks cute, but ,my problem is that I can’t get a call in only on occasion when the phone feels like answering itself otherwise everything goes right to voice mail. I wish I had read your comments before the purchase.

  64. ELLIE Avatar

    My son got his Razr two months ago. It got wet and I dried it out and everything looked ok but now it either says insert SIM or it flashes the words emergency calls only. NEver saw that before. Cellphone store says its not a water problem but a signal problem.

  65. Ellie Avatar

    What do you mean that you have to keep the battery and the backing from your Razr that you are sending back? Do you mean the plastic part that goes over the battery, the one that has an M on it? I thought you just had to keep your SIM card and the battery, not the part of the phone.

  66. UncleMike Avatar

    I have the same problem with my cell. Due to this “glitch” I missed an extremely important call yesterday – very unhappy about it. The phone is cool and easy to carry, but probably was not tested well before it went into production.

  67. betsy Avatar

    I got a silver razr last year and after about a month, I’ve had nothing but problems. I am getting the “invalid battery” message now, and it won’t turn on at all. At least I never got charged for it. I think I would rather pay $200 for a phone that actually works!! I don’t want a replacement. Its just too much of a hassle. The razr SUCKS!!!

  68. Ruth Avatar

    Yup yup – same problem here, plus, other weird stuff is going on too and my phone is with Verizon. Shuts off by itself, says invalid battery, get messages a day later, etc., etc. Thanks for sharing all your info. Off to the Verizon store I go………………

  69. Alex Avatar

    Just had my RAZR V3 for only about a week, and already it’s giving me the same problems as everyone else here, the “Invalid Battery” message and shutting itself off, even though I know I gave it a full charge. I’m taking it back to the T-Mobile store on Monday to see what they can do for me.

  70. Amy Avatar

    my adorable pink razr was working on friday afternoon on one call, then five minutes later – none of the buttons worked. they keep saying “voice recording” until it filled up and now it just sits there when i touch any button aside from the end call button. i can turn it on and off and that’s it. the screen works, just the buttons suck. any ideas? i went to one cingular store and the guy was a jerk – no help at all. i need to get to another place, but i work 7 days a week and this is my only form of communication. please help!!!

  71. Di Avatar

    I just bought a pink razr from ebay and it did the same thing where every button went straight to voice record. I sent it back to the guy and he said that he changed the screens for it and the screens flex cable had a short in it? But now my phone is turning off by itself and I don’t know what to do because I didn’t buy it from a store…

  72. Amy Avatar

    i called a motorola refirbish site that’s local… they said several keypads have had issues and they can replace them in 20 min if i just stop by, or i can send it in. try calling motorola at 800-331-6456. if you are in the dfw area, i know that the farmers branch location can help – 214-459-9988. good luck. i should get mine fixed today!

  73. otter Avatar


    to see if this fix will work for you, try this:

    with your RAZR powered on, and flip closed, hold it facing you so you
    can see the external lcd and the external lcd is right-side-up (so you
    can read it). hold it about an inch above a mouse pad or other firm
    material that wont scratch, and drop it. do it so the phone doesnt flop
    over, i.e. just let the phone free fall between your thumb and pointer
    finger but keep you fingers there as guides so the phone doesnt fall
    over. repeat this 5 – 10 times. if your phone powers off suddenly, this
    fix will probably help you. an additional test you can do is to take
    the battery cover off and gently slide the battery around horizontally
    and vertically on the contacts. (dont pull it outwards). you can push
    it down on the contacts too and let it spring back up. if any of that
    turns the phone off, read on:


    on my phone, there was a greasy dusty buildup on the phones battery
    contacts. I dont know why this is, as the phone is only a month old and
    I’ve only had the cover off on clean envrionments for a total of about
    30 seconds probably.

    take the battery cover off
    remove the battery
    using rubbing alcohol and a qtip or NON LOTION kleenex, wipe the 4 gold
    battery contacts on the phone AND battery with the rubbing alcohol. its
    kind of awkward to get into the little nooks and crannies, so make sure
    you get them clean and you dont leave any lint from the qtip or
    kleexex. dont use a ton of rubbing alcohol either, you only need a
    little bit, the qtip or kleenex just needs to be damp.
    put the battery back in the phone.

    repeat the tests.

    my phone was turning off when i slid the battery around or dropped it
    on the mousepad, and during use as I noticed (seems like opening the
    flip or picking up the phone was probably vibrating the battery and
    causing intermittent power loss). but after the fix, the phone doesnt
    shut off when I move the battery around or drop it on the mousepad.
    problem fixed!!
    worked for me,
    found at:

  74. Keith Avatar

    My Razor just started turning itself off randomly last week. I purchased mine on January 6th and it has worked well up until now. I just missed an important call and I am NOT happy about it.

    I called cingular and they are sending me a new phone since I was in the 1 year warranty window. They tried to charge me 7 bucks for 2 day shipping, but I negotiated it for free by pleading that this put me in a real hardship and it wasn’t my fault.

    This “random shutoff issue” seems to be a major problem with the Razors. I did read some folks solve the problem by putting a piece of folder paper behind the battery to push the battery into constant contact with the battery leads, but if it’s under warrranty … send it back.

    cingular claims the phone they are sending me is a “brand new” phone,…so we’ll see.

  75. Scott Avatar

    Had the same problem with mine. Whether it be during a call, dialing, playing a game, etc. My razor would shut off for a few seconds and then turn back on again. This started approximately 5 weeks after I bought it. I sent it back for repair 4 weeks ago and still havn’t got it back yet.

  76. Roy Avatar

    “unable to charge” read 09/12 post by otter, it works. I didn’t even do the drop test, I just cleaned the battery conections. I was dumbfounded by how simple this was. Sure it’s under warranty but if a 30 second fix works, I’ll take that over switching new phones anyday.

  77. Keith Avatar

    Well, I received my phone in 2 days from Cingular. It is a brand new phone. I pulled my sim and had the new phone running in 2 minutes. Using Motorola phone tools I transfered all 85 of my phone numbers and contacts in less than 5 mintutes. The new phone works flawlessly. Cingular provided a mailing address label and box for returning my old phone. I’m happy with the service they provided and hope my Razr will continue to work flawlessly.

  78. Rosemary Avatar

    I have a black RAZR – got the “unable to charge” message. Took out the battery, waited the obligatory 20 secs for any short-term mem to empty, put it back in, and message disappeared. Problem seems to be that Motorola spent all their r&d money coming up with a cool-looking phone rather than use quality control to get the glitches out.

  79. BUbblez Avatar

    i got mine 2years ago and wel it shuts off from time to time stopped takin charge for 3 days and now da keys dont work at all nd its liek $100 us to fix it

  80. alecm3 Avatar

    My Razr turns itself off sometimes when its lid is closed. Then I missed incoming calls.
    First I was mad when I discovered this, since it’s a brand new phone, but then understood that I have nobody to blame by myself.
    Would I buy a GM car or a Ford Taurus? No! I would never buy an American car, I would buy a Toyota if I want reliability. This country cannot make any quality products anymore, and I am a FOOL for buying an American product. Just ordered a new Sony-Ericsson- my old T616 never let me down!

  81. Verna Avatar

    I purchased a razr in August. The phone would randomly turn itself off and give the message “insert sim card” but I was able to turn it back on. I called Cingular repair and without any problems was offered a replacement unit which I received two days later. This was a refurbished unit with no battery. I transferred the sim card and battery to the new phone but started having problems with the phone turning off and this time it would not turn back on. Cingular replaced the battery twice, still the same problem. I just received my 3rd. phone, this one is a new unit, per my request. I hope this one works!

  82. frank a pagan Avatar
    frank a pagan

    i have a v3 razr black, with insert sims, can’t get it to work, can anybody help…………tried everything………….thank you

  83. Kristin Kreyenhagen Avatar
    Kristin Kreyenhagen

    I have the silver razor and the battery got really low and started shutting itself off. And now it wont let the battery charge! so i dont know what to do!

  84. otter Avatar

    your fix is in the above post:

    otter said:

  85. Jen Avatar

    My phone has been doing going straight to record a voice record when I push any button. It even does it when I’m not touching the phone. It also turns on and off by itself. I though it was a demon phone for awhile! Cingular is replacing it since motorola has a 1 year warranty on the phone itself.

  86. Becka Avatar

    My razr keeps saying unable to charge, and INSERT SIM. The phone wont even turn on, without it saying Insert SIM. Is there a way to fix this? Also my SIM card is just fine because it works in other phones. Can i reset my razr or something. Please Reply Back ASAP! -Thanx much luv-

  87. otter Avatar

    My v3 is still WORKING FINE over three months after the FIX posted above:
    otter said:

    to see if this fix will work for you, try this:

    with your RAZR powered on, and…”

  88. Tara Kistler Avatar
    Tara Kistler

    My girlfriend gave me a brand new razor (v3) she bought off of ebay (comes with a 2 year warranty). The screen died the second day I had it. I had to send it to the repair center twice to fix it. After I got it back the second time, the invoice said they had still not fixed it. Customer support tried to tell me I would have to pay alost $200 (for shipping and handling) to get a US based phone, because mine was a European model and the software on it was not supported. (When I paid shipping to send it to the repair center it only cost me 20$.) WTF . . . 2 year warranty . . . phone stops working, you fix it or replace it free of charge. It came with software to interface with my PC (I have windows xp) through a USB port . . . my computer won’t recognize it. Motorola truly sucks! Their phones suck and their customer support sucks more, plus they try not to honor warranties . . . I will never never never use a motorola again.

  89. Samantha Avatar

    I got a pink razor about 4 days ago and it already is messing up! I had used it this morning and went to use it again when the keypad wouldn’t work. The phone will not let me do anything, absolutley nothing. Has any of you guys had the same problem? What causes this?

  90. Lauren Avatar

    My razr sucks. My bro tried to call me 5 times and it rang but the home screen stayed up. He said he could hear me but i couldn’t answer the phone. i think motorola and cingular combined owe alot of people, alot of money. I’m so ready to go back to the old nokia with the change out face plates, i was so cool then and I could actually answer my calls

  91. scuba Avatar

    my razors screen has stopped working the phone works the screen is black anyone w/ this problem or ideas?

  92. David Avatar

    I’ve had my Black Razr V3 with Cingular service for about 14 months now. Everything was fine until about a month ago when it started taking 5 or 6 attempts to get the phone to boot up.
    I push the power button, and the screen blinks and goes black then a message appears on the screen that says ” Boot Loader, OK to program, attach cable to USB port. Switching it off then on, and off and on again until it finally comes on.
    Is this happening to anyone else, and what can I do about it since the phones out of warranty, but I’m still under contract with Cingular? This is very annoying.

  93. sara Avatar

    i got my phone on christmas eve and since then my phone keeps on saying “unable to charge.” I went to a local store and ask for a new charger, they said it’s “discontinued.” Not only can I not charge my phone, emergency only keeps appearing how do i take it off?

  94. stephen Avatar

    i got a verizon razr for christmas, and it keeps displaying the “Unable to Charge” message. i read through this and apparently the solution is to take the battery out and put it back in. one problem: i don’t really work with cellphones a lot, so i have no clue how to take the battery out. help please?

  95. Pen Avatar

    Hey.. I have a pink razr, i’ve had for exactly a year.. (i got it christmas last eyar) and it has been working BRILLIANTLY since then, but i dropped it in the sink 2days ago, and i took out everything and put it on the radiator, but i tried chargibng it to see if it was working, and all it does is the screen flashes to tell me its charging, and flickers a few times, tehn my phone turns off. ive put it back on the radiator.. does anyone know how long it takes? i really dont want to get a new phone..

  96. Pen Avatar

    stephen, on the back at the top you should see a little silver dent thing, you just press on that with your nail and pull open…

  97. weffy Avatar

    How do i speed-dial someone if they have more than one digit in their speed-dial number?

  98. Sierra Avatar

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I worked at a snowboard camp over the summer. A camper left their black, Cingular RAZR phone and had yet to report it as of November. According to the camp’s policy the lost & found rule was expired and it was up for grabs to any employee.
    My LG 2000 on Cingular bit the dust a few days before and wouldn’t replace it because they said it was “broken due to neglect”. So I grabbed that RAZR and put my SIM card in it. I bought a charger and I was set! It worked great and I loved it!!!
    I’ve only dropped it twice, I’m trying to take much better care of it than my last phone.
    But, within the past two weeks its been doing that whole powering itself off in the middle of my calls thing.
    ALSO, I will charge my battery and all three bars are there and it says “charge complete” but I will talk for like five minutes or send a text and the battery bar turns red and starts telling me to connect it to the charger!!! Has anyone else had this problem?
    Now the issue is that I cant get a replacement from Cingular since I did not purchase this phone.
    Any ideas? A new battery maybe? Perhaps the paper trick someone mentioned above?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m a teenager and am nothing without my cell phone, unfortunately.

  99. s1oan Avatar

    My razr had the same problem as scuba’s. The screen was black but the phone worked. I cleaned all the contacts as otter said and now the screen turns on!!! 😀 Thank you otter for this information!

  100. BlueRazr Avatar

    My Blue RAZR has started to power down in the middle of a conversation. I’ll be chatting and then a loud BUZZING sound will occur then i’ll look at the phone and see it is rebooting. Not sure if this is a battery issue. It’s within the 1 year warranty so I am thinking of calling Cingular.

  101. Bill Avatar

    Howdy all! Well, I got my Razr from Verizon back in November. Worked jolly good, until one day, the screen just showed up as No Signal! So, we returned it back to the Verizon Store from which the phone was purchased, and Customer Service was pretty jolly about it. Let me get a new Razr!

    Well, today, i get home from school and…KABLAM! Phone’s turned off, and I can’t charge it. Hold down the power button, NOTHING! Any idea what the problem is? I’m thinking of just getting a new phone.

  102. kell Avatar

    yeh i have dropped mine so many times in water and on concrete and tiles and it has worked fine up until this morning when i dropped it and now it keeps saying invalid battery

  103. David Avatar

    I ended up taking my razr into a motorola service center in OKC, OK to have it looked at. They cleared my phone of it’s programming and my phone numbers and ring tones and graphics etc… but it was fixed when they gave it back to me. They charged me 20.00 for the service and it took about 20 minutes.
    The updated software increased the functionality of my RAZR and it now works better than it ever did in my remote location! 20 bucks well spent!

  104. Pam Avatar

    BlueRazr – I’m on my second pink razr because the first one was rebooting all the time. Cingular replaced it after about 2 hours screwing around on the phone trail and getting back to where I started. Anywho, it’s started rebooting again and twice today I got the staticy sound just before the reboot. I’m still within the 1 year (even would be for the first phone). I’m also trying the paper trick, but since this is an intermittent problem, it might take a while to see if it helps.

    So, I wanted to know what luck did you have with Cingular? I’m about ready to tell them to give me a different model phone, but then can I move my Razr sim into another phone? Does anyone know, like if I get a Q or some other Motorola?

  105. edgar Avatar

    ok I got a Razor v3 and this is my second time i have had this problen.I have returned my first one ,but now my gurentee is over. The problem is the (lcd)screen , the screen does not work,the phone turns on , but the inside screen and the little outside screen dont, i can recieve calls or make calls, i can even use the volume key as well as the other keys. I was wondering if i could personally fix it or see what the problem was. If u can give me any help on what to do, it would really help.

  106. Pam Avatar

    Edgar –

    If you got your replacement within the past year, I think the garantee starts over again – at least I’m pretty sure that’s what Cingular told me when they sent my replacement.

  107. lol guy Avatar
    lol guy

    I ot this rzr right from t-mobie and now the keys don’t even want to work yeee thanks motorola

  108. lol guy Avatar
    lol guy

    I ot this rzr right from t-mobie and now the keys don’t even want to work yeee thanks motorola

  109.  Avatar

    i have a razor 2 and if i press a button it turns off!!!even wen its charging!!!razors suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. mark Avatar

    Well, isn’t this interesting. My new Motorola Pebble phone yesterday started coming up with ”Invalid Battery”, so I took the battery and sim out, put the battery back in, knocked it back on, took the battery back out put the sim back in and knocked it back on, and it worked fine then!

    It’s a nice phone, but I can tell you something, looking at THIS website, Motorola will not be getting my business again!

    They should be ashamed of themselves!

  111. s1oan Avatar


    I had the same problem again (Display not working) but this time I couldn’t fix it by cleaning the contacts 🙁

    There’s a repair manual for this phone available on several sites (serach in google) and the most common cause for this problem is a loose internal connector.

    I opened it and attached the display connector.
    Now the phone is working again! 😀

  112. lol guy Avatar
    lol guy

    hey well yeah i agree the razr is very retarded and stupid

  113. paige Avatar

    yeah so i just dropped my motorola silver razr V3 into the toilet.. on accident of course, but it was only for a mere few seconds. well i was told to take the battery out, and started to wipe the phone off seeing as it was still wet…

    eventually i started drying it with my blowdryer for a few minutes. the phone started working, but it can’t find the service and for some reason think’s that it’s january 1st of 2000.

    the battery works, my brother has another razr and i stuck it in there, it works fine.. i dont know what to do ! please help!!

  114. edgar Avatar

    Ok I have this razr v3 phone which works and everything, but the screens do not work. I can recieve and make calls, turn the volume to the way I like it, and type on the blue lighted keys.It works fine , but the little and big screen do not work, ai cant see nothing on the screens. They look off. I was wondering if thare was some thing I could do or see the estimate about how much it will cost to repair.If you can cotact me as soon as posible it would really help.

  115. Amber Avatar

    same problem with my RAZR V3 (Silver) deciding to turn itself off. it started about a couple of weeks ago. i’ve had my phone for 4 months or more now.
    i found that it had turned itself off when pulling it from my pocket after walking with it there for a while. to start with i couldn’t even turn it back on, the keypad lights would flash on and off, but the screen remained blank. eventually i succeeded in bringing my phone back to life, although time was all that helped… removing and replacing the battery did nothing whatsoever.

    yesterday, a few weeks after my first problems, i had left my phone on and placed it in a bag of mine. i pulled it from my bad and found that again, it had turned itself off. spent quite a while trying to turn it on. it eventually powered up and turned itself off after a few minutes. the problem has persisted into today, but at this very moment things seem to be doing alright.

    i’ve had minor problems with my phone before, from the “insert sim” message being displayed to the phone freezing to a lovely screen of white =| i figured these things happen…

    if my phone continues to turn itself off, i shall be paying Telstra (in Australia) a visit =)

  116. BigSte Avatar

    Have you tried the new Firmware from the Motorola web site? It’s a bit of a pain to get on. It comes up with weird error messages all the time and I even had to swap the USB lead into a different socket when it seemed to have got stuck in a loop.
    It hasn’t crashed yet.
    Also, I found using a background picture from out of the phone memory instead of the SDcard made it hang up less often.
    I’m liking mine again, now.


  117. Found a solution Avatar
    Found a solution

    OK. I have the PINK razr. It has refused to turn, on for days now. I’ve had the charger going non-stop, changed the plug etc.

    I also had the keypad always lit up in Blue. I noticed that even if I removed the battery, leaving the phone connected to the charger, the blue keypad lights were on. So, I figured that the blue keypad lights were an indication that the power was coming from the electrical source & therefore when the blue keypad lights were on – the phone wasn’t charging.

    Someone posted above that the charger socket is apparently ridiculously sensitive.

    So, what I did was move the charger around in the phone socket until the BLUE KEYPAD LIGHT TURNED OFF!! Then, bingo, my screen turned on & the phone started charging.

    BTW – THIS PHONE SUX!! I’ll use this one until it dies, but Motorola have lost my business forever. This is just one of the zillion problems I’ve experienced with this phone. It has so many, bugs & poorly thought-out control problems, drives me potty.
    I bought it for the ‘pretty’ factor, but I’ll never buy from them again.

  118. Found a solution - EDIT!!! Avatar
    Found a solution – EDIT!!!

    OK, my post above was a bit silly, the reason why the lights went off was because I removed the batter! However, the solution still works… (well for mine at least)

    1. Take the battery out of the phone. Blue lights turn off.
    2. Put the charger into the phone socket.
    3. Blue lights should turn on.
    4. Put the battery back into the phone
    5. The phone should start charging automatically.
    6. Now you should be able to turn it on.
    7. Leave the charger on until battery full charged!

    Good luck.

  119. Steve'o Avatar

    Just so you guys know Motorola provides a warranty on the phone for one year and a manufactures warranty for 15 months. It doesn’t matter where you bought it. I was having the same problem but Motorola told me to get the IMEI number under the battery or by pressing *#06# into the phone. They’ll tell you if your phone is still under warranty. Plus there going to want you to go through a bunch of stuff you know isn’t the going to help the problem. lol. Repair takes about 9 to 15 days. But it’s better than paying insurance or getting a new one.

    Motorola’s #:1-800-331-6456
    Your gonna want to press 1, 1, 3, and 5 to get to talk to someone…. Hope this helps. Any questions

  120. Max Avatar

    No, it doesn’t work for me. I have the same problem with silver Razr. Sometimes it restarts only every couple minutes, whereas sometimes it restarts as soon as it finished loading from the last time it restarted. It is very annoying.

    Anyone who has idea how to fix this, please mail me at


  121. Max Avatar

    Somebody asked about the firmware on motorola’s site:

    Yes I tried the ‘software update’ if thats what you mean. No help. Phone keeps restarting itself like crazy.

    Anyone who has idea how to fix this, please mail me at


  122. David Avatar

    Firmware and system update are two different things. Try taking your phone to a Motorola authorized service center, ask them to clear the system programming and reprogram. A $20 fee is applicable if the phone is out of warranty.

  123. Laura Avatar

    My razr (silver) turns itself off on occasion, since the day I got it. I dropped it in the shower recently(dont ask), but it didnt get very wet, and now the blue light behind the keys wont turn off, even when the phone is closed ,so it will only hold a charge for about 6 hours. The water “dot” behind the battery still looks white, so Im sending it back to Cingular. How can I prove that the dot was white when I sent it off? How do I know that they wont just say the dot was red and charge me $115? From reading all of these blogs, it sounds like if they send me another phone Im in for a wholenew set of problems.

  124. BigSte Avatar

    “The water ‘dot’ behind the battery still looks white, so Im sending it back to Cingular”. “How can I prove that the dot was white when I sent it off?”

    Why not take a photo of it 🙂

  125. Pam Avatar

    I finally threw in the towel with my Razr and called Cingular for a replacement. I’d only had the phone replaced once so the woman at the company store said they would want to replace it again with another Razr. When I called 800-801-1101, which is their direct line to the warranty department, I told the guy that replacing the Razr with another Razr was not an acceptable answer. He chuckled when I said I was deeming my problem “the white screen of death.” After checking with his supervisor, he gave me a list of 4 phones I chould choose from – Motorola V557, Nokia 6102i, Samsung D407, Sony Ericson Z525A. I told him no way on the Motorola. He didn’t give me a hassle about it or anything. I asked if he minded just holding the line whilst I checked some features and reviews – he said not a problem and I spent about 10 minutes doing a quick scour for information. I picked the Samsung because the quick review showed this has the best voice quality from the selected list (which beyond having a phone that stays on is the next highest quality I would look for). He said it would take 5-7 business days ground for the new phone to arrive. I called them this past Friday (or maybe it was late Thursday) and the phone was on my doorstep Monday morning – much less than the expected ETA. They even included a phone charger because I mentioned I had purchased one for the Razr. I had expected I would have to buy a new one for the Samsung, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Pretty basic compared to the Razr, but I figure I can at least use this until December when my contract lets me upgrade to a different phone. So far, so good – the phone is on and immediately recognized my Sim card (no reprogramming of VM or anything) and I’m getting calls again. Despite Cingular’s general customer service runaround, this time I was quite pleased – helpful, quick, and I didn’t go into phone loop hell.

  126. Sherri Avatar

    Regarding the “white screen of death” Pam referred to: does anyone know of any keypad sequences/steps you can try to maybe correct this? My daughter’s pink razr supposedly suffered water damage several weeks ago (the little white dot under the battery is red), and if that’s the case it should be dried out by now, so airing it out wouldn’t help, I’m guessing. I hear there is a kit you can buy to remove corrosion on the internal parts in the case of water damage, but in checking online for tips on how to remove an annoying problem with my phone(not a motorola phone, btw), there were many suggestions offered using a series of keypad entries into your phone, various ways to try to “reset” the phone, I guess. Just wondering if anyone knows of any tips like this for the razr..her screen is ok 75% of the time, other times we have to flip it open/shut several times to get the screen to normal, or sometimes remove the battery, etc. will work. Any suggestions? I refuse to pay for another phone just yet, especially when I keep hearing how many of these so-called “water-damaged” phones can be fixed using a few simple techniques.

  127. Coco Avatar

    No, tmobile, sprint and verizon offer razrs too

  128. Anthony Avatar

    I would say somone is calling you from a computer and making it like that just to tick you off. But thats just me 🙂

  129. jenn Avatar

    okay so like i have read all the things to do when you rarz says ” unable to charge” and yet it still says this and i only have one bar left and i despartetly need this phone so if anyone can help now ples do tell. I have cleaned the contacts and took the battery out and even tried to adjust the plug so please help me!

  130. David Avatar

    Take it to an authorized Motorola Service center

  131. cameron Avatar

    today i turned on verizon razr v3(silver/black) and the inside screen is all white the exterior screen is blue and i do not know what is wrong. i havent dropped it and it worked fine before i turned it off yesterday. I can only see an all white screen but i can still dial numbers and things. the only thing not working are the display screens. I have taken out the battery and put it back in no suprise that didnt do anything. also i dont have to turn the phone on any more, it automatcally turns on when the battery is put in or it gets connected to the charger. Is there anyway to fix this white screen? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  132. Max Avatar

    You could have damaged the flex cable. Get a Razr flex cable replacement from eBay or somewhere, or firt disassemble your razr to see if its damaged…
    Bu disassembly will void your warranty

  133. SikDave Avatar

    Got a great RZR last week and the damned thing does exactly as yours did, switches itself off when it loses reception and after sending messages and recieving calls. It’s going back today.

  134. mark Avatar

    Mine does the same thing but I have isolated to doing it only when I have the leather case on it and I wear it on my belt. It works fine when I take the case off and leave it in my pocket.

  135. Nessa Avatar

    Okay so first off: I’m not that old. I have parents that will kill me if they find this out. I’ve all ready broken my iPod which they don’t have a clue about.

    Today I was down at this creek and I jumped in the water and, unknowingly, I was in the water for about five minutes before it hit me: I was in the water with my Razr.

    It’s been working fine for me. It’s a wonderful phone and I just got Easy Edge. It seemed that I was having a good day. The phone was fine at first but a message said: Invalid Battery. But it was still on. Soon after the keypad wouldn’t work. The only button that would work was the button that turned it off. I dried it off. I took it outside and tried to sun dry it. I put the battery back in and the only thing that happens is the lights on the keypad turn on.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    I’m. Dead. Could a new battery fix it?

  136. Travis Avatar

    I’ve had my phone for about 11 months its the Razr V3 and today i got out of the shower had the phone on the counter went to send a text message and bam the 6 key was messed up, I have to press really hard to get it to work. Then i went to go back and hit the end button nothing happend then it just turned my phone off. So all the end button does is turn the phone off and on. ANyone got any ideas what to do b4 i take it back?

  137. Sarah Avatar

    I am soooo unhappy with my pink razr. I bought it simply cause I needed a new cell, had the salesman told me there were chronic problems with them, I would have happily chosen a different phone. However, that is besides the point. My phoen every once ina while, unlike the problems listed above, does not turn off, but I try to dial out, or just use the keypad. A select random number of the keys will work, and thats maybe 2 at most. Then what happens, is it says “No Names are Stored in Phonebook” Well, I wasnt trying to get into the phonebook, and yes there are names in there. lol. THe more common thing it reads to me ” Voice DIal Memory is Full” … umm what?? ANy ideas ofhow I can just get a new phone? I have already had it brought back to the store, and they couldnt fix it, it was sent back to Motorola and is now back to me, in the exact condition it left in. What a pile. DOn’t buy a razr guys. lol

  138. CCC Avatar

    My wife’s silver V3 was working fine but the last few weeks, its turned itself on and off. It was very fraustrated, so we called cingular customer service..waited for a long time…they finally sent us the replacment phone. Same thing happen with the replacement phone..not sure what to do now..will take it to the store and see what they can do..what a cheap quality phone for a huge price….suck!!! I’ve been their custormer since they were cellone..

  139. Mooney Avatar

    I dropped my razr and now it works faster. Menus open in 1/4 second. Quite a surprise.

  140.  Avatar

    i bought my phone about 2 months ago it worked fine until the battery went now when i try to charge it the screen lights up then justs turn off anyone the same if you know what to do email me at

  141. Hello world Avatar
    Hello world

    My cell phone is not picking up singal and when ever I try to call some one, it just “call failed”. Has any one faced this problem/ I am just not able to use my phone anymore.

  142. Iron Mike Avatar
    Iron Mike

    My black Razr does not boot up or charge unless I remove the battery cover. Once It boots or charges I can then put it back on and it works normally. That said this phone is a piece of shit.

  143. Mikeless Avatar

    Seems like most of the people have Cingular or T-Mobile let me tell you u wont have any problems with Verizon they gave me free phone for the whole family Always free phones when u start a new contract. But i was woundering if any one knows how to put ringtons on Razr v3 ? because I dont wanna buy em from the phone

  144. susan Avatar

    Razors suck and so does Verizon Wireless. Got 2 razors in August 06 and BOTH have quit working in April 2007. Took to Verizon and both have a “red dot” on the back and Verizon says they were exposed to moisture and thus warranty avoide. SCAM! No doubt all of them have a red dot on the back. Why would both go bad the exact same month!!! Different users and they have the exact same problem the exact same month. I spend hundreds of dollars at Verizon and their attitude is HORRIBLE. No switch of these faulty phones. Now one does not even show call history. These phones are crap, set up to fail and a gimmick to avoid warranty. NEVER EVER BY A MOTOROLA phone and NEVER USE VERIZON WIRELESS. Just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Mikeless Avatar

    Well you’re a dumb ass than dont ever Go to a Mall and try to get something from there thats not real Verizon Go to their original store not a booth outside and U probly found some scammers thats why u didnt get anything dont be whining about someting that u droped in the water and pretend u didnt u people always try to complain. Verizon Replaced my friends Chocolate because there was a dead pixes after 3 months for free. get a life talking crap about the best Phone Provider let me tell you something go and switch to METRO u dumb ass

  146. lala Avatar

    u r very stupid who do u think u r to be yellling at everyone. we alll dont think the sam and i like t-mobile have a razr and they have repalced my fon 5 imes and i still like it. verizon is too sucky and retated

  147. lala Avatar

    hate verizon its just a piece of shit

  148. Mikeless Avatar

    bitch I wasnt yelling at at every one I was yelling at ur stupid FACE stupid nigro

  149. David Avatar


    Please refrain from cursing and making racial slurs on the forum. It does nothing but further aggravate the situation and turns the entire reason for posting here into a joke.
    This is supposed to be a legitimate forum with the sole purpose of sharing information with one another to help each of us work out our cell phone woes.
    It’s very easy to “spout off” on the forum being a nameless faceless person as you are here. Be an adult and conduct yourself as such. Everyone else should do the same before the forum is shut down or you loose your posting ability.

    Try to get along and have a nice day!


  150. Emilie Avatar

    Well I have a pink razor, and have had it for about a year and I havent had many problems with it, besides just having a delayed reaction to everything. I recently dropped mine (its about the 10th time) and like usual the battery cover poped off. I never noticed the little white dot on the back before, but it has seemed to turn red, I havent dropped mine in water or anything, neither have I gotten it wet really. but the only thing is i do keep it on the counter with me when I take a shower. Is it possible that the steam in the air turned the dot red? and its still working perfectally fine, but im really worried now that something had happened to it and it might stop working, is there anything anyone would recomend doing to prevent this?

  151. Carol Avatar

    I have a Black Razr. This is my FOURTH one (original, plus 3 replacements). These are the BEST phones when they are working fine.. but have something inside at 5-6 months tries to self destruct. The re-booting and coming back to the white screen before the regular screen re-populates.. the need to charge the battery more frequently.. the rapid power drops from full siz bars to the screaming red warning lamp.. every one has had the same issues. Cingular claims they know of no issues, but how could they not based on these forums alone? It appears the internal workings of these phones are simply not robust. Shame.. I like the ergonomics. NOt sure if I am willing to continue putting up with the rest of the crap, though! Now mine won’t acknowledge the presence of a charger. *sheesh*

  152. Eric Avatar

    Terrible phone, enough said. Get the Insert SIM error nonstop

  153. cay Avatar

    i got my verizon light pink razr feb 1st. it’s been working fine until today. my friend dropped the bottom part where the speaker is into a thing of nacho cheese! we managed to get all the cheese off. so i leave my phone on, it’s on one bar, &then we go outside. not even an hour later i come insdie and my phone has a blue screen on the outside and a totally white screen on the inside. the cheese didnt even go NEAR where the battery &everything was. I tried shutting it off &turning it back on but it was STILL frozen. when i rebooted it, it made the noises but it was frozen. my friend took my battery out &rebooted

    but it didnt work. she put her t-mobile battery in my phone and put my verizon battery in her phone to see if it was just my phone or my battery. the battery worked in her phone & we thought it was only because of low battery power. so we hooked it up to the charger and it didnt acknowledge the charger @all. when i plugged it back in it said “unable to charge” and when i tried to call someone or do anything it wouldd say “INVALID BATTERY”

    but the thing is, when i put my friends t-mobile razr battery in my phone, my phone works. it doesnt say invalid battery, and it charges perfectly fine. but when i put mine back in the problems start again! HELPPPP ME PLEASE.
    i don’t know what verizon will do if i take it back to the phone store.

  154. jeanai Avatar

    I got the razr for christmas and it works fine. i have had a couple of dropped calls. The only complaint i have is when i take a picture and then the camera says picture capture failed. I am getting a samsung blackjack for my upgrade and i am giving my razr to my mom she really likes it i would even keep it though but i am ready for a new phone

  155. Robin Avatar

    I have had the same problem for about 3 months with this phone Black razr v3 – won’t hold a charge…even bought a new battery…nothing seems to work. Went to Cingular store today for help – they said the problem is with the phone, not the battery. The phone is 13 months old – one month past warranty, even though I’ve had the problem for months – Cingular will do NOTHING for me because I don’t have insurance on it!

    Has anyone found a real fix yet??

  156. JULIE Avatar

    Regarding: phone battery. I was just told to turn off your bluetooth and it holds the charge longer. I got my phone (1) wk ago and it won’t stay charged. frustrating

  157. Carol ( Malawi) Avatar
    Carol ( Malawi)

    I really wish I had seen this blog before i bought this phone – i got my pink Moto V3 RAZR and it just keeps shutting off by itself and will not charge. Have to take out the battery, re insert and then it charges. It would freeze sometimes and would take over an hour for it to eventually start charging again….. its heats up too …anyone had that yet??? its now been two days and it wont switch on…it really sucks!!!

  158. Carol (Malawi) Avatar
    Carol (Malawi)

    Oh by the way mine was from T.Mobile in UK – i just hope, it can be replaced as I am so far away…in Africa!!! ……will try…..fingers crossed ..i reallly like this phone , otherwise am heading back to Nokia!!!

  159. Jade Avatar

    Oh gee where to start. I got the pink razr for my birthday and it was fine..i dropped it and recieved another in it’s place..the customer service was great. I moved states and when i got here..i was exchanging ringtones with a freind and it gave me a “bluetooth” virus..(anyone heard of that?) I unknowingly exchanged ringtones with my mom who also had bad results and got the “virus”..stores don’t acknowledge but also don’t deny it exists. My mom & I both called and recieved new phones (hers black) hers has worked and mine hasn’t been the same. I can’t change ringtones (as a result i leave it on vib.) and it annoys me that I miss so many calls but my psycho phone chose the dumbest ringtone to gliche up and use! I just got off of the phone w/ an AT&T consultant and he’s sending me a new phone in a few days! 🙂 After much annoyance maybe i’ll have better luck! Oh and the BUZZING noise..if you cry while on the phone and it gets through the speaker it does constantly produce a buzzing noise that is worse than any mosquito!!!! Good Luck!

  160. Heather Avatar

    Travis – March 10th, 2007 at 10:40 pm: The end key is the power key so holding it down will power the phone off and on, as for the 6key if you had it on the countertop while taking a shower there’s a slight chance it got water damage, check the back for the red dot.

    Emilie – May 2nd, 2007 at 1:41 pm: Again keeping it in the same room when you take a shower causes a slight chance of water damage due to the steam in the room.

    cay – May 19th, 2007 at 5:51 am: Buy a new phone, dropping it in the cheese caused damage to the phone causing it to malfunction, and since you probably didn’t take the battery out and let it dry for a few days it’s probably not fixable

    CCC – March 16th, 2007 at 9:47 am: There is a glitch in some of the phones that were sent out that have this same problem, Cingular and other providers trying to save face will deny this problem, ask for a new phone if they deny simply explain you’ve had 2 replacements with the same faults and youd just simply like to try a different phone.

    Nessa – March 5th, 2007 at 5:45 pm: I dropped my pink rzr in a cup of coke, it’s possible to fix the phone, what i did to fix mine, was immediately turned the phone off and took the battery out then left it off with everything i could take out of the phone sitting beside it, left it that way for 2 weeks. Turned my phone back on and it has worked ever since. Now yes the red dot will stay so replacing the phone is pretty much a lost cause. But taking the right actions and hoping you’re one lucky sob it could work.

    Sherri – February 14th, 2007 at 11:09 pm: I have no clue, i dropped my phone in coke as stated previously and i took the battery/sim card out for 2 weeks. after said 2 weeks i put batter and sim card back in and my phone’s worked fine every since.

  161. Heather Avatar

    Pam – January 12th, 2007 at 3:26 pm: Most phones now days accept sim cards, so w/o a doubt i’m pretty possitive you’d be able to take your rzr sim card and put it in the new phone if you stay with cingular

  162. Kelly Avatar

    Hello, I recently dropped my phone (Razr) in a pool. It only stayed in the pool for about 5-10 seconds and it was on a shallow step. Everything on my phone seems to be working fine after I have let it dry excepttt it constantly shows the “Insert Sim” message once it has powered up. Has anyone had the same problem after dropping it in water and could they fix it? If anyone has ANY idea… please e-mail me at I really need help. I cannot buy a new phone. Thanks again!

  163. Stefani Avatar

    If you drop your Razr in water, I’m sorry but you will have to get it replaced. Razrs are a very unreliable type of cell phone anyway.

  164. SADGIRL Avatar

    Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. I’ve done this a few other times with previous phones and thier screens turned white for a few seconds and then went back to normal. So did my Pebl’s. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. My phone still works, I can make and receive calls, take pictures or do anything. I just dont know WHAT I’m doing. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME

  165. SADGIRL Avatar

    Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. The screen turned white, so I turned it off and on. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. I thought my phone had completely turned off, but then I realized it was just the screen. My phone was still on and it sill worked. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME!

  166. louie merana Avatar

    my razor black v3 could not open its program. and at the lcd appears the boot loader 08.26
    sw version: R374_G_0E.42.0 CR

    OK to program
    transfer mode
    PHONE CODE SIG 35:02:

  167. Connor Avatar

    i dropped my phone in the pool the other day, it was only in the water for a couple of seconds so i took all the goods out of it and am letting it dry. any suggestions on other methods?? Will the ATT people not take the phone back??

  168. Razaholic Avatar

    Ok I have had my silver Razr through T-Mobile for a year now, I recently have seen the screen white out and reboot several times butit keeps working.
    Also it appears the Bluetooth power is half the problem with the Razr, my small outside screen keeps flickering alot lately, but when I turn Bluetooth power OFF, it never has done it since, but I use Bluetooth so I recently Powered on and Bingo, the flicker is back!
    I get “Insert Sim’ all the time too, I’ve cleaned it with rubbing alchohol and wedged a piece of paper on top of it to hold it down. My phone always works afterwards, I also USE it hard! I’m a mechanic and I recieve some 1,800 texta a month and reply with greasy hands, I flip it open no less than 80 times a day for a year now too.
    Yes the Razr is Overrated and full of glitches, but consider the power packed into such a small case, it’s a full out laptop computer minus the drives.
    I still say I’ll get another one if mine does go bad.

  169. Dennis Avatar

    Having read the comments I don’t feel so lonely with the motorola razor’s cell phones that my wife and i have had. My wife was working on her third razor before it died, and this has only been for 3 years since we purchased the first one from cingular/at&t. I have my second one and so far so good. Every Motorola cell phone we have ever had has been a piece of junk. I will never ever purchase a Motorola cell phone again+

  170. Judy Avatar

    I have had my pink razr for 1 yr. Two days ago it would not hold a charge. I called Motorola and they said they would send me a new battery but I would have to send the old one back within 30 days. They wanted my credit card just in case they did not receive battery back. The salesman at my local cell store said that they may say my battery is damaged and then charge me for the new one even though I have been assured that there is no charge. Has anyone had any experience with this. I told them I would call them back.

  171. ray Avatar

    Yup … mines contatntly turns itself off all the time.

  172. Brad Avatar

    OMG ive got the same problem as ’71 Amy’ but with my black motorola razr!
    its being so gay i got 2 messages and it wont even let me read them because the dumb voice recording keeps popping up and phonebook stuff and my keypad will not work probably except for the button to turn it off, ive tried everything, turning it off then on again, ive tried taking out the battery, the sim, everything, and seeing as its hot i tried cooling it down but its still being gay and i really need to look at these messages asap! PLZ HELP ME, if i have to bring it in to get fixed ill diee, i wannt it fixed noww!

  173. Jennier Avatar

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution to my charger problem. This is just what I needed.
    my site:
    free razr

  174. tammy Avatar

    I have 60 day old razr V3i – bought it “new” off of e-bay – everytime I push any button – it goes off – I take the battery out- replace it and then it powers back on – but as soon as I hit any button – it goes off again .
    Any suggestions? I “of cours” have no warranty because I bought it from some jerk on e-bay.

  175. Rob B Avatar
    Rob B

    Fantastic – thanks for the tips guys. I have a PEBL which i had upgraded a few months ago because i thought it was broken – it kept switching itself off when in my pocket. I swapped to a sony walkman phone but got sooo annoyed with that unlocking itself in my pocket & going on the damn internet that i decided to swap back to the PEBL which i love. Sure enough, it started switching itself off again, so i read this forum & did the drop test – bingo, off went the power. Just cleaned the contacts & put some paper between the battery & case and it now passes the drop test 🙂 Fingers crossed..

  176. Dawn Avatar

    I am having a similar problem as several ppl here. I have a pink razor and i cannot figure how to get the voice recorder to stop popping up? the only thing that works is the off button. i took the battery out and everything but no luck. I need it fixed NOW…i have messages I cannot retrieve at all because of this. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEE

  177. K.W. Avatar

    Please, anyone, help. I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t find anyone who has the same problem as I do so I’m posting. I bought the phone (refurbished) on eBay about a month ago. It worked great for about a day, when the battery was stolen. I just got a new battery and the joy lasted another 2 days. I put wallpapers and ringtones on it using Mobile Phone Tools (v. 3.1 or something like that + Vista), added some phone numbers to the address book, made and received calls and generally enjoyed the phone for those 2 days. Last night I transferred one last ringtone to it using MPT as well (small file made in Melody Studio), and didn’t click on anything before going to sleep.

    This morning I clicked several times on the voice button to use snooze and it worked fine. I let one alarm last too long, though, and about half an hour later, when I clicked on the menu button, it just powered off (it even displays the shut off splash screen). The battery is fully charged. I can receive calls just fine and the phone will stay on, looking and acting completely normal, but if I click on ANY button for any reason, it simply shuts off, and I have to remove the battery and reinsert it in order to turn it on again using the power button, or leave it plugged in to the computer via USB cable for a couple of minutes (after which it’ll strangely turn itself on again). I did not mod it or flash it or drop it or get it wet or anything, all I did was use Mobile Phone Tools to grab a couple of videos and add a few wallpapers and ringtones.

    Update: I used MPT to delete calendar/phonebook info and something changed: Now the keypad sort of works for a few seconds, all glitchy, before shutting off. This makes me think I inadvertedly did something to it while using MPT last night, and that a master clear could possibly fix it, but so far I’ve found no way to do a master clear from the computer. I tried updating the software, but Motorola says there are no new updates for my phone. Please, please help. I beg you. I’ve been without a phone for over 3 months and a couple of days ago I thought my problems were finally over… until this happened. 🙁

  178. Vivian Avatar

    I got a black razr 2 months ago, and then i dropped it into the toilet.ya…………the water dot inside turned red, but i tried the rice trick and it worked. for a day. then i tried getting a new battery and it worked, for 3 days. Even if it’s plugged in it won’t charge, im getting it fixed. the razr is a total rip-off.

  179. Zack Avatar

    Wow, I’m amazed. I have a black razr and have been having problems with my phone blanking, rebooting, not charging and then also quickly redlining out. Had an issue with the invalid battery message as well. Hats off to the above post about cleaning teh battery connectors. I’m an aircraft mechanic and I’m by no means slow but I wouldn’t have thought it could be that simple. I doused the connectors and also the sim prongs with q tips and rubbing alcohol and voila! Now that I think about it it does make sense. The phone is a semi-closed and contained electrical device. I’m certain over time that oils and or impurities do expell from the casing and one easy exit point is the connector housing. They looked clean and teh qtips showed no signs of pollutants but it really did immediately solve the phones difficulty. lol How odd! Hope you all find similiar luck.

  180. crystalnjim3n8 Avatar

    I have a problem with my Razr phone too! The “Unable to charge” appeared recently and taking the battery out does seem to work as it’s now charging. My problem is with the phone itself. The “Red dot” that appears when your phone gets wet is deceiving! I know for a fact I’ve never dropped my phone in water, never kept it in the bathroom while showering, never been in the rain, etc. However my “dot is red” (However the battery indicator is still white”) I live in Southern Florida where it is very humid. I think that the humidity turned the dot red! The only other thing I can think of is that sometimes when you’re talking on it for a while, playing a game, or online, the handset gets warm. I’m guessing that there is some kind of condensation inside from this and turning the dot red! I think it’s a big scam anyways. I have a “mint condition” phone and they would only allow $30 trade in. They said it was destroyed because of the red dot and “unable to charge” message, and now it’s working. I have metroPCS and I think all the companies are horrible!!!

  181. CoolCash Avatar

    Shillak, you need a Motorola Phone Tool(MPT) for it to work.. but as for the moment the MPT works on MS Windows platform…

  182. amanda Avatar

    my phone is a Motorola MOTO™ W755 in Purple, & i just purchased it two days ago at a best buy near me. the battery was dieing, so i put my phone in the charger & it suddenly shut of, as if i turned it off. or if it froze. yet i didn’t touch it. so i take it off the charger, & i attempt to turn my phone on. it doesn’t work. i put it back on the charger, & it works.
    at first i thought that the battery was completely dead, so not to hassle about it & just let it sit. until it said “charge complete” then i took it off the charger, and tried turning it on again. it does nothing. i checked the battery back & the water indicator on the phone. no water damage was done. nor physical damage. i’m not too sure what to do. can someone please help me?

  183. Sydney Avatar

    I had a black razr for a couple years and dropped it numerous times. the only problem i had was that it would say that it was charged, then suddenly it would say that it had a low battery. Unfortunatley, I lost my phone and was planning on using my sister’s old razr. For some reason, after a few days, when i went to type in a text message it would freeze. My uncle said that he had gotten an extra razr, and gave it to me for free. I’ve been using it but today i dropped it in the toilet. It was in there for only a few seconds, and i shook all the water out, and let it dry by the window, and when i put it all back, it worked fine. it was like this for about 5 hours, when i dropped it. it said insert SIM, and because my old phone used to do this occasionally, i turned off the phone and took out and put back in the SIM card, but I keep getting the same message no matter what I do.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  184. Melissa Avatar

    I had the razr 3 phone only a couple of months when it started flashing error messages “invalid battery” and “invalid sim card” the battery would drain super fast. One minute it would have 2 bars left and then be totally empty the next. It would constantly shut off in the middle of a conversation and it was super hard and irritating trying to turn it on and call the person back as fast as I could. One time I was talking to my mom and it did it 12 times!! I couldn’t get a new phone fast enough.

  185. Alex Avatar

    SADGIRLPosted Jun 21 2007 at 10:10pm | Permalink
    Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. I’ve done this a few other times with previous phones and thier screens turned white for a few seconds and then went back to normal. So did my Pebl’s. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. My phone still works, I can make and receive calls, take pictures or do anything. I just dont know WHAT I’m doing. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME

    Yepp, I have exactly the same problem :/
    So frustrating when you recieve a text :@ – you know it’s there but you can see it or who it’s from!!
    Anybody got any solutions?

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