More Catholic Church-Hating

Sam: We are going to Hell, and I don’t care.
Friend: I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Friend: since GWB and the Jesus Crispies will be living it up in heaven of course.
Sam: HAHA… Jesus Crispies? I’ve never heard that one before.
Friend: I don’t know how we came up with that, but my group of friends called religious people that in college.
Sam: I’ll have to save that one for later. I’d totally buy Jesus Crispies cereal [especially if it came with marshmallow crucifixes and holy grails].
Sam: You know, they won’t make a gluten-free wafer for Catholics who are allergic to the wheat in them. The Pope says they have to eat the regular wafer or they go to Hell.
Friend: Well, Jesus himself wasn’t gluten free, so why should tasty replicas of his corpse be either?
Friend: The Church has to draw the line somewhere.
Sam: He did break a lot of bread, but there’s no proof that he ate it.







3 responses to “More Catholic Church-Hating”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Jesus Flakes? Chocolate Frosted Jesus Bombs? Christ Mix?

  2. dan Avatar

    The church is big business.Move one place to the right and find the Anglican Church and find peace of heart and Mind……..d

  3. Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.

    Agree, the church is big (may be biggest) business.

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