Money Matters

And it is Wednesday. Our money discussion went well last night. I’d created a budget for us that outlined how much we both contribute to the joint account, how much we each have in our separate accounts and how much we have left after we pay rent and utilities and all the other things that have a fixed monthly price that isn’t going to change.

RON: What about shoes?

ANDY:What *about* shoes?

RON: What if we want shoes?

ANDY: We can buy shoes. How many pairs do you want to buy a month?

RON: I don’t now. One each? Or underwears?

ANDY: Are these like $130 Nordstrom shoes or $50 gym shoes or BOGO..?

RON: I don’t know. We just have to have a place for shoes and clothing.

ANDY: Yes, that is under entertainment.

The great joy came when Ron found an error in my spreadsheet where I’d been calculating by pay period instead of month – meaning we actually had twice the amount available. This was after he’d started talking louder and louder and eventually forced me to come to the dining room table and write all this out by hand and go over it line by line. As he punched it into the iPhone.

RON: Do you see what you did now? You’re just confusing yourself with that thing. (the spreadsheet)

I’m not going to give it to him this easily.

ANDY: I understand where the error happened. I’m glad we found it together.

RON: You would have turned this in like this if this was a math test.

ANDY: That is why I wanted to walk through it with you.

RON: Do you see what you did wrong?

(a long pause – I make Ron beg for it)

ANDY: Yes, honey. I was wrong.

(he tries not to smile)

ANDY: Stop smiling! I’m wrong! Just add it to the list of things I’ve been wrong about. Then hold on to it tight until you’re ready to lash out at me.

I can never remember the list of things Ron’s been wrong about. Nearly all of this is in jest.

I imagine our kids’s math homework:

RON (on the phone to one of our kids): Okay honey. Yeah go ahead and send your math homework. I’ll look at it when I get into the hotel. Just fax it to the front desk. I’ll make corrections and send it back.

The good news is rent it the biggest chunk of money and we’re hoping to reduce that by a quarter if possible by the end of the year. And Ron’s union contracts get re-negotiated this year so by 2010 he should be making what he would have been making before 9/11.






3 responses to “Money Matters”

  1. big sis Avatar
    big sis

    Only joint expenses should count against the joint account.

    Shoes/Clothing aren’t in the joint account are they? Are you going to be wearing the same pair of shoes? Or the same clothes? That stuff should come out of your personal accounts. Unless you all will be wearing one shoe each! 😉

    At least, that’s how we’ve done it. That way Brooks can by his fancy bike gear and I can buy my kitchen gadgets and he doesn’t end up paying for my underwear or me for his socks.

    We do, however, pay for all the cats out of the joint. Vet, food, etc. Doing it by cat was too my trouble.

  2. JB Avatar

    You have a special category for shoes??

    We don’t have any joint stuff yet. On the other hand, He Who Must Be Obeyed doesn’t actually live with me yet.

  3. NG Butt Avatar

    Andy, You are a riot. Very impressed that you guys have organized the money talk. Been a source of too many bad endings for me. With or without living in.

    ‘Course actual money of my own may well solve that…but how to get it?

    Ay, there’s the rub…NGB

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