monday, september 24

What to eat, what to eat. I sit here in the midst of a raging hunger headache. Panda Express? Corner Bakery? Sopprafina? My Thai? Wendy’s? I just don’t know!

They want to roll user-testing for a beta version of an online app this week. Yay. Shouldn’t be too hard to get all the testing scripts designed. Me so tired.

I guess Ron and I are getting serious – we now have a toothbrush at the other’s house.

And it is Monday and I am back at work. Keeping my vocalizing to a minimum. Just went through a pile of 60 emails. The DayQuil is starting to settle in my brain… today my big sister turns another year older. I realize how special our relationship is when I others comment ‘You and your sisters are really close, aren’t you?’ Yes, we are. It still boggles my little Indiana mind that there is someone who has seen me grow up for the past 26 years and become what I am. And further – I’ve known her all of my life. That’s just crazy.

H to the Izzo. B to the Izzay. Git chore dam’ hanz up.

This high fat diet of ice cream and milkshakes rocks my world.

I still can’t stand that ‘Blue and Yellow Purple Hills’ song. The attempt at syncopation and obvious swing-choir gestures grate on my nerves.

Went to Banana Republic with Ron and his buddy Richard yesterday – they spent most of the time talking about me in Tagalog. I chided them in a midwestern twang, “Why don’ choo stop tawlkin’ that oriental tawlk and tawlk Eeenglish?”






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