monday, july 30

Found some toy dart guns at Target that will be good for my assault rifle needs. I forgot to blog that I bought a copy of Soldier of Fortune magazine just for kicks at the ghetto grocery last week. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet – but it was the magazine that was most opposite my personality. That and Black Hair magazine. This morning was very, very busy. I’m consciously slowing down now for the rest of the day. Got more Sinister postcards being printed at Kinko’s as I write this. Send them a huge print job from work too – I always forget that this is a big-ass company and there’s always someone to delegate shit to. Why should I stand at a copier or light candles and sprinkle holy water on our godforsaken ColorJet when Kinko’s can do it for me? C_____ said I can go to the coaching conference. ROCK ON! It’s three days of work I’ll be gone, hanging out and taking workshops. Love it. Very excited about this.

I think I’ve got everything done for the day – and it’s only 2:13 – though now I have a boring meeting with a vendor about a roll-out that I really don’t have very much to do with but for some reason I’m a part of.






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