monday, august 13

This is really going to piss off my sister. Toughness Has Risks for Women Executives

“With a male executive, there’s no expectation to be nice,” he said. “He has more permission to be an ass. But when women speak their minds, they’re seen as harsh.” “Well, I’d tell the men to get over it,” says Julia Campbell. Ms. Hollands counters: “Can you get over your DNA? This is a deeply embedded thing in them.” “Talk right through the tears,” Ms. Hollands writes, “You will look and sound more courageous if you can appear to be focused and steady, and the tears are just those little nonsense things running down your face. You will really make an impression when you finish.”

No. It’s just people being assholes. Road rage. Air rage. Cellphone rage. White panic. Gay panic.




Comments from Plastic: “When men begin treating them like one of the guys they become upset at being treated as such. In plainer words, women want to be treated as equal to men, but are uncomfortable with just how badly we men treat each other. Which, believe me, I can understand. Men are mean, mean, folk to each other.






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