Mo' Tears

I had my cry yesterday morning before I went to coach training. A brief facial contortion and flood of sadness overcame me. Stayed there for a bit and then cleaned up and went to Starbucks.

The first day of my final weekend of coach training totally rocked. Great great stuff. This weekend is all about realizing that as a coach you are literally fighting for the lives of your clients – their lives, happiness, fulfillment and well-being. That we are warriors and sorcerers for people’s better selves. I like it because you get to be confrontational and cut the bullshit. At one point I asked one of my practice clients, ‘I think you’re being a pussy – you need to do this.’ Cutting to the chase in a big way. It’s slightly scary and when I had the same style directed at me it was just as scary. How much longer are you going to settle for a life that doesn’t do it for you? How much longer are you going to slowly die?






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