Little Miss Village of the Damned

This is sort of revolting in a super-creepy way. (via Metafilter)

If you can dress up your toddler as a whore/mannequin and Photoshop them into a smooth patina of unreality – they can win this monthly contest.

These are actual pictures of actual children that parents have actually dressed them up as. Yeek. 






4 responses to “Little Miss Village of the Damned”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Ok this actually gave me goosebumps, they’re so creepy!

  2. Zinny Avatar

    Holy shit! When I was a little girl, I had DOLLS that looked more real than that!!!

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Oh my God, you have gotta’ be kidding me. I was so hooked on the Bravo tv program Showbiz Moms and Dads, and the pageant mom was one of the creepiest…who are these people???

  4. David Avatar

    I’ll bet JonBenet’s father has a few of those stuffed in a box for those special occasions when Patsy’s out shopping.

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