Michelle Malkin Bullies Dunkin' Donuts Over Rachel Ray Scarf


Michelle Malkin is really crazy. Like really crazy. From Epicurious:

Right-wing nutcase Michelle Malkin has won a victory over baby-talking Food Network personality Rachael Ray, who was hawking obesity-causing products for fast-food company Dunkin’ Donuts while wearing what appeared to be a kaffiyeh, the cotton scarf that most Americans associate with Palestinian nationalists, especially the much reviled late Yasser Arafat. Malkin called out Ray and Dunkin’ Donuts on the faux kaffiyeh being visible in the online ads and got the conservative blogosphere buzzing about a potential boycott of the donut chain. And guess what: Dunkin’ Donuts caved and yanked the ads.

I can’t believe the Donut-mongers gave in. I would have said:

Dear Ms. Malkin,

Fuck off.






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