Men of Reddit Confess Their Girly Enjoyments

“Motherfucker, my bath time is MINE. Do not fuck with it! Did I install a dimmer switch in the bathroom so that I can have motherfucking mood lighting? You bet your hairy left nut I did! Candles? Motherfuckin’ $50 honeysuckle bad boys! Smells like a goddamn meddow! Do I seem the kind of punk ass bitch who would not have 3 types of bubble bath? Hell no! Got some shit shipped in from Sweden I can’t even fuckin’ pronounce! My towels got more thread count than the number of dicks your mama has sucked (and that’s a lot of dick).
Sound system so sick you’d actually believe you were in the rainforest those fuckin’ soothing sounds came from. Holy shit, is that a toucan? No, it’s the goddamn waterproof surround sound speakers, bitch!
Got more oils than Exxon! My balls smell like a goddamn rose, nigga. Smell my balls! Smell them!!!!”

Men of reddit: What girly things do you secretly enjoy but hide in order to protect your masculinity? : AskReddit.






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