Men Have Orgasms, Wome Have Babies

Cherie goes for the Lysistrata approach: (not agreeing with her equating pregnancy as hosting a parasite)

This is about women having sex, and who gets to be in charge of that sex. Most of the people who object to the wide, easy availability of birth control are men. These men have the luxury of assuming this position because they have no reason to believe that they, personally, have anything at stake. I find this baffling. These men do not deserve access to your pants. Stop fucking them.

In alignment with Abortion foes shun Democrats’ proposal to reduce pregnancies.

Great side comment on MoFi:

Do you want to reduce abortions, pregnancies, or sex? These should be three different questions, but they’re not.






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  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    I agree with the concept that there is a higher need for birth control and an increase in barriers to getting it. I also agree that women should have high enough self esteem as to not even think about having sex with someone who is not willing to have a discussion and help out with the cost and obtainment of birth control. I think this can also get extended to getting tested before having sex.

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