me: I was telling my

me: I was telling my co-workers about Terry Gross decapitating kittens. They think I’m nuts.
nick: LOL
me: I fucking love Seinfeld. Elaine is my favorite.
nick: i can still picture yu doing the turning of the kittens neck
nick: snap!
me: the best is the little ‘meow’
me: Where having a meeting right now
me: can you get me any info on the promotions chick for KISS radio station?? Thnx.
nick: ummm not at the moment
me: girls gone
nick: woohoo
me: I love my angels
me: they are on it
nick: Jeff wants to know why yer screen name is wildjake
me: cause I always thought Jake was a sexy name
nick: ok
nick: he agree’d
me: he there?
nick: so wanna do caribou and play spades with us?
nick: he is here
me: sure
nick: we had peeeeezzzzaaa
me: ooooooooooooooooo
me: yu suk
me: I think for free day I want Pizzia Uno
nick: yu suk
me: maybe for our meeting Fri?
me: after I see my otolaryngologist
nick: yes
nick: i can’t say that word
me: Kevin says I
me: hi
me: I mean
me: she’s so funny
nick: we’ll pick yu up at 920
me: k
me: I’ll shar
me: right quick
nick: kevin I love her
me: I’m Terry Gross. And this is Fresh Air
me: (MRAR!)
nick: OMG
me: or (mew – CRCK)
nick: jeff thinks I am nuts laffing out loud
me: WebVan tomorry morn.
me: Yay.
nick: woohoo
nick: yu have to explain terry groos to him
me: ki
me: k
me: kee kee kee
nick: yes
nick: I BET
nick: did yu shawr?
me: I’m gonna shar
me: be back in five
me: quick rinse
me: nah
me: never mind
me: I’ll wait till we get back
me: just put on some Happy
nick: LOL
nick: yer nuts
nick: are yu on ephedrine?
me: (mew – CRCK!!!)






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