Me and the IRS

Yesterday I get a letter from the IRS. On the way up the elevator all I can think is Oh shit, I’m being audited. Not as bad as that but still concern: They say they didn’t get my return from 2003. Even though I swear that I got a refund from them. Strange. Now I gotta dig through all my 2003 files.

Feeling much better than I did yesterday. Still gurgly in the gut. It must have been food poisoning or something.






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  1. Jonah Avatar

    Hmmm that’s one of the reasons why I hate the IRS. You would think that if you were supposed to file for taxes and you didn’t, they’d let you know before the next tax season… but NO, they have the ability to wait a few years before telling you that they haven’t gotten your tax payment.. which of course by this time, you’ve accrued a large penalty fee… bastards!! =))

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