I fell asleep again.

I laid down for a nap this afternoon.

Woke up at 8:30pm.

I swear this new mattress is like sleeping on a cloud – I am wrapped in a gossamer blanket of ectasy. 






4 responses to “Mattressage”

  1. SLP Avatar

    I am jealous of you and the new mattress. The one that I currently have is on its last limb. It is basically dead. I should go look for one today, but it is hot as hell here. Maybe tomorrow. I am in need of a good nights rest.

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Anyone who quotes Deborah Jellinsky is OK in my book.

  3. Fausto Avatar

    What kind of mattress did you get? How much did you pay? I’m kind of thinking of getting one.

    Sleeping well is one of those key ingredients to recovering from working out. Good for your Andymatic–

  4. Big Steve Avatar
    Big Steve

    Check out Craig’s list in the furniture category. There’s a guy there who sells $2000 Simmons mattresses brand new for $589.

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