Mark Felt's Panty Raid and Plans to Baby Nap

Besides being Deep Throat, Mark Felt was convicted for burglarizing homes as part of the the FBI’s COINTELPRO monitoring of militant groups. Jennifer Dorhn – whose sister was a founder of The Weather Underground terrorist organization:

I remember when I was pregnant with my first born feeling extremely vulnerable because I was being followed a great deal of the time, and then it was revealed when I received my Freedom of Information Act papers, over 200,000 documents, that there actually had been developed by Felt a plan to kidnap my son after I birthed in hopes of getting my sister to surrender.

Apparently on one of the break-ins, they took a pair of my underwear and put it in a glass case and gave it as a trophy gift to Mark Felt.

Classy. Almost as good as Rumsfeld’s chunk of 9/11 on his desk.






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