Manwhore Compares Struggle to Rosa Parks

The first legal male prostitute in Las Vegas talks about his struggles:

Basically this is the first time in the economy of the United States that a male has actually stood up and said, “I want to do this for a living.” And be protected under law to do it. It’s just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back. She was proclaiming her rights as a disadvantaged, African-American older woman. And I’m doing the same. I’m actually standing up now, and hopefully I can be supported by the male community and be understood as a person. This actually isn’t about selling my body. This is about changing social norms.

Yes the history of the civil rights movement is exactly the same as you being allowed to use your body for commerce.

And you dumbshit: Rosa Parks’ act was civil disobedience. She was protesting the marginalization of herself – and all black people. You ain’t protesting anything.

via The Flawed Business Plan of America’s First Legal Male Prostitute






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