manhunt.jpgRockstar’s new game Manhunt features you in an enclosed ghetto called Cancer City in a kill-or-be-killed showdown orchestrated by a psycho movie director who constantly whispers orders into your ear. Execution methods include plastic bag suffocation, crowbars and guns – lots of guns. This reminds me of that awesome faux reality series, The Contenders. Is it possible to comment on violence and our captivation with human suffering without showing it – without exploiting it? The ‘outraged’ have started a bill in California to ban sales of violent video games to minors and separate them from the non-violent games (are there non-violent games?). I’m sure this will be vetoed by Wal-Mart anyway. Of course, there’s no stats to support or refute the claims made by the proponents of the legislation. If my kid spent my money on his violent video games – I’d be damned sure I’m seeing what he comes home with. Something Americans will probably never understand is that what you resist – you create. Our sex and violence soaked mediasphere is because these topics and learning about them is forbidden. Most other countries gave up years-decades-centuries ago trying to outlaw sexual and violent content. You wanna outlaw violent content? Bring the troops home. Tear up the contracts. Let’s focus on life inside these United States before we go creating new ones.

To be honest – I just loved the screenshot. Here’s more of them.






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