Man Screaming at His Cat

At first you’ll think this guy is really yelling at his cat. But after his cat ignores him and continues you’ll start to laugh. Sort of like Mommie, Dearest but with cats.






9 responses to “Man Screaming at His Cat”

  1. david Avatar


  2. JB Avatar

    That guy must own the world’s jitteriest cats.

  3. Jack Avatar

    scary voice; full of rage at something…

  4. Gigamatt Avatar

    awesome. sounds like my house– but only to the one cat, who’s a totall asshole.

  5. Evil Jonny Avatar

    An unfortunate paradigm of our current Web culture.

    Perhaps we might assume though that a feral cat would have to cope with much more stress than a domestic one being screamed at by a mentally unstable person.

  6. Justin Avatar

    this guy is asome , wonder if he is in the U.S.M.C. Serious anger problems. but its a way to vent it hahahahahaha

  7. Robedorebado Avatar

    Just more proof humans are nitwits and cruel.

  8. Brian Avatar

    Being a cat owner myself, It’s the funniest F***ing video I have ever seen ! How can I find a copy to download ?

  9. Shadow Avatar

    NNNIIIICCCCEEEE. . . i lafed my F*N head off this is good!!!!!!

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